Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Egg's, Eating and Extra Big Baskets!

Hey everyone :)

So, another week has passed and it's still the holidays by the way!!!

Winter is slowly creeping in...time for hot chocolate, hot baked desserts, cuddling up in front of the fireplace or heater and just enjoying ourselves!

Blitzy loves the heater, she hogs it all winter!! That is the only time that she will be quiet and sleep for the whole day!

We decided to give Curly, Joshy's basket (the big one) and we'll buy him a new one!!! He was fine with it 'cause now he sleeps in his own room all day!

Here are some of the Easter photo's :)

Curly and Blitzy having fun with the Easter Egg's!!! We didn't give them any though!

 Yes, that's Blitzy sitting in the Easter Egg box!!!
 First, she sniffs it...
 Then she bursts out laughing!!!
And finally the adorable little poodle grin!!! Can you see those uneven teeth? Somebody needs braces...hahaha
 Mum and Dad made a ginger and honey cake!-->

 Blitzy in front of the heater! Look at that smile...


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