Monday, September 7, 2015

Birthday Celebrations and a Beautiful Restaurant :)


So, today is my Mom's birthday and it is also Tannie Andra's birthday, coincidentally! Yesterday, we had such a lovely day, after church, they served cake and everything was so nice! A few people spoke about both of them and their were two choirs too. :) 

Anyway, later on, we took my Mom out to the Wartburg Hof for dinner! It is such a beautiful place, we used to live in Wartburg when my brother and I were just tiny tots. ;)
This restaurant is also a hotel, I absolutely love the theme of the place. Wartburg is a little German town, it's so quaint, everybody knows everybody and it's now mostly farmers living in that area. Just take a look at the photo's, it has memorabilia from the olden days, like the 1800's. I should've taken more photo's! Oh, there was this really chubby kitty there too! We thought that perhaps she was pregnant but the lady says that she is just fat! Apparently, she eats all the time! Maybe Joshy isn't so greedy afterall! ;)

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡

Here is a beautiful gift from Oom Peet and Tannie Andra, they sent the card on the right too. I made the card on the left.

This is Malva Pudding with custard and ice-cream. I thought it was a worldwide dessert but I heard recently that it is traditionally South African! Just like Milk Tart is proudly South African. Well, if you haven't tasted this, you're sure missing out!!
My brother's choice of dessert....waffle with syrup and ice-cream. Yum!

My meal, although I couldn't finish it all!!

The chubby kitty! She's really more fat in person!
 Curly at home.

                   This photo is so dark but it is Blitzy sitting at her heater in our hallway and peeping through the fins!

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