Saturday, April 19, 2014

And Then There Were 9!

Hello all!!!

So, it's the Easter weekend! My grandparents and my Mum's aunt are staying over for the long weekend. After a long day yesterday, I crawled into bed at about 22:00 or so and was then awoken by Makhosi, one of the ladies at the main house. She phoned to say that Roxy gave birth!!! Oh wow!!! What a frenzy that through us into! We changed and rushed to the scene.

There was a little bundle of squealing joy! We were so excited and so were his/her parents! Roxy was still in labour though and went back into her dog house. Kenzo's eyes were glued to his child, so sweet! Roxy then delivered puppy number 2! When Kenzo went into the dog house to see her, Roxy barked at him and chased him out!!! So fussy! We had to put him outside the gate but he could still see everything. We set the siblings together in a cosy spot because Roxy was so wild and almost trampled her own children! Shortly thereafter, the third pup was born and she wanted to see them. We brought them close to her and she began cleaning them. Then, the fourth one arrived and she started to feed them. They tried their best to get to the milk but my Dad had to help them and place them in the right places. During the feed, puppy number five arrived! That was a shock! Not too long after that the sixth one was born! SIX! Wow!

We were so tired because we only finished up with her at about 02:30 or so. Four of them were born on Good Friday and the last two were born on Saturday between 00:00 and 02:00. We then headed home and after washing up, we slept for about four hours and it was time to get up again! Oh boy!

My parents checked up on them while we took Curly and Blitzy on their morning walk. Then, Caleb and I went to see them. They are so noisy! Even last night, they were squealing, poor Roxy! She was so tired! Anyway, we let Kenzo in and he kept a distance from them but he was happy to see them. Caleb counted again and saw that there are now SEVEN puppies! Yes, she gave birth sometime after we left! God has really blessed her with seven beautiful puppies. Now they're a family of nine!

Anyway....that was quite an Easter weekend, don't you think?!

May God bless you!

Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

 Roxy, when she was pregnant ---->
 Puppy number 1!!!


 The tired Mummy!

 The worried father, Kenzo ----->

I didn't take a photo when there were five but now there are six! ----->

 The next morning!!!!

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