Monday, April 7, 2014

Holidays and Happy Times!


Sorry for the incredibly loooong wait! So many things have happened since my last post and we had such an amazing Easter holiday! I don't know why our holidays were so far apart from the actual Easter weekend though.

Okay, my 'sister', Katya came to stay in Claridge for the holidays! I've mentioned her before, it's the lovely Russian girl. Then, later on during the week, my other 'sister', Renate(the German girl) came to Claridge! A double blessing! My parents took us all out to eat on different days and we spent time together. It was such a blessing! Renate and I even helped Katya make some delicious Russian food! Renate left on Saturday and Katya left after church yesterday.

Curly also had a bath during the holidays. My Mum's aunt also stayed over for the weekend and came to the service. On Saturday, 11 students from Cedar College at the main mission in Kranskop arrived. I think it's 11. There are five Korean girls and I haven't met the rest yet. Also on Saturday, an Afrikaner family from Cape Town came to visit and they left this morning. It's so nice to have the farm so full!

Now, Professor Peet Botha (or as we call him, Oom Peet) and his wife, Tannie Andra (Auntie Andra) are leaving for America in a couple of days. Tannie and Oom means 'Aunty' and 'Uncle' in Afrikaans. I may have mentioned it before.

Oh! Roxy (Tannie Andra & Oom Peet's dog) IS pregnant! Yay!!!! I'm so excited!

Joshy did not come home for almost 3 days! We decided to look for him today and we called out his name and he meowed a few times and came to meet us! We prayed before going out and he was perfectly fine! I think he may have been hunting because when I brought him inside, he raced to the window to go back outside!

This morning we lost track of Blitzy and we searched everywhere for her but to no avail. We prayed over her and went back inside. Not too long afterwards, Caleb went to check at our guest room's window and he heard a meow. Blitzy then jumped down from a big tree and we picked her up! God has really blessed us with a wonderful Easter holiday!

Anyway, I think this is a long enough post.

God bless!

Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx
 Roxy & Kenzo in the dam.

 German chocolate that Renate sent us!
Claridge's very own potatoes!

 Our house after the painting done last year!
My Mum's choice of colours.

 Charcoal! We haven't seen him in ages!
 Below are our pink roses.
Charcoal and below is Curly tearing up some paper! She can't resist that!


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