Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Kitty's New Spot!!

Hey everyone!

Long time no see...well, "post"!

Sorry for the long wait but it has been busy lately! My Dad has had his hands full with the deck and it is looking lovely! We would've liked to have had it done before Christmas but apparently, we can only get the rest of the timber next year! We will just have to be patient, I guess!

I haven't been to see Roxy and Mitsie (the new pups) in ages, so I don't have any photo's of them for you. My brother and I have been quite busy with our studies! Oom Peet brought some of our books with him from America. There were still assignments that had to be done. While everyone else was on holiday, we had to study.... :('s worth it in the end!

The kids are doing fine :) Curly had a lovely haircut and a bath and is nice and white again now!

Blitzy found a new sleeping spot! I have a drawer in my room on the desk and I used to have her basket on top of it. She just refuses to sleep on her basket so I decided to take the basket off and I left it on my guest bed. That was the best thing for little Blitzy! She now enjoys just sleeping on top of the drawer! My Mum put a nice, soft towel there for her and she loves it! For 6 days straight, she has been sleeping there! She hasn't even bothered to go out although we did take her out the other day. She just comes down to do her "business" and she goes right back up again!! How independent!

Oh! We set the Christmas tree up and it looks so beautiful but I won't put any photo's of it up just yet......Blitzy only woke up to "help" set the tree up and then she rushed of back to her new sleeping spot!

Sam's tank is due for it's cleaning! We're supposed to clean it every 3 months and it has been 3 months since her last one! We are going to buy her some fine sand to replace the small gravel. I read up that turtles sometimes eat the gravel and they can die from the congestion, gravel also holds the dirt and ammonia which causes the tank to smell horrible! So, for the betterment of both Sam and us, we will get her some lovely sand!!! Maybe a beach umbrella might not be so bad.....hehehe

The Christmas spirit is in the air! We just went to some shops on Saturday and everything was decorated for Christmas! It definitely is my favourite time of year!
My parents already received SO many gifts from their work colleagues. They sent biscuits, mince pies, LOTS of chocolates and a beautiful vase too! We are so blessed. The Lord is amazing and He is so good to us! We are very thankful. :)

Anyway, I think this post was long enough, I must go now!

God bless!
Sele'ha Mikhaila

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