Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Announcement & An Anniversary

Hi everybody!

Yes, I do realize that I haven't posted anything on the blog for quite a while.....sorry! I'm not even going to try to give an excuse this time. :D

Anyway, Oom Peet and Tannie Andra are back from America. Oh! I am now at liberty to announce that my dear friend Renate is engaged! She is really a sister to me, just like Katya who is in Russia. The engagement service was on June 4th and we watched it via Livestream. We did intend to go to the main mission for the service but things didn't work out that way but we are glad to have still seen it! The young man is from the south of Germany, also a Russian German like her, the wedding is coming up quite soon.
I will be helping out with the crochet work for the wedding, we are making loads of little butterflies to decorate the tables. They are simple to make and are so adorable! It can be a time-taking task but it is a joy for me to do. :)

My parents wedding anniversary was also on the 4th, we are so grateful to have godly parents like them. We went out for dinner during that weekend, to celebrate a bit. Spur has always been one of our favorite restaurants to go to, good food and good memories! It is a Native American themed restaurant...in SA.....an interesting yet wonderful idea apparently!

I reeeeeally must get back to my crocheting now.....

Enjoy the photos!
God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila  


Cheddarmelt burger with onion rings and fries

JalapeƱo burger with hot veg

Spicy Texan chicken burger

Waffle with chocolate sauce and ice-cream

A special dessert

Chocolate mud slide

Blitzy's cosy spot 


Blitzy cleaning her paw


Toffee and fudge dessert

Joshy sleeping like a human!

His little pillow

Blitzy playing in the laundry basket

I made a tortilla-type flatbread for her

Not so cute...

My Dad picked these orchids!

I crocheted these butterflies

I baked 2 trays of shortbread today!

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