Monday, October 21, 2013

Fussy Poodle, the Flu and Food Poisoning...

Hey there,

Sorry, this post can't really be long because the power went out here on the farm but I thought that I'd quickly give you all an update!

The kids seem to like the newly tiled floors, well, except Curly, it's too cold for her to lay on since it's been cold outside.

So, I put a little rug down for her to sit on and she's snoozing away right now! That rug is actually for church, she sits on it at church. Yes, that's right, she comes to church with us! It's right on the farm though. ;)

It's been so rainy and cold lately, this weather is so erratic! I've got to admit though, the house is looking so lovely! There are renovations going on around me!

I'm feeling MUCH better thank you but now my Mum seems to be getting the flu :( As I was recovering from it, my Dad bought a lovely lemon meringue but my brother doesn't like it and ate something else instead! Good for him because at 3 in the morning my Mum, Dad and I threw up! I'm glad we got to the bathroom in time! It was awful and so now, it's finally out of our systems! Thank the Lord!

Thanks for taking the time to read this little blog, I greatly appreciate it!

Sele'ha Mikhaila

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tiling and Tactful Poodle!


I apologise again for the long wait! Our house was so busy!

The tilers from our main mission branch of KSB arrived to tile our kitchen, scullery and 2 bathrooms. So, before they came, the walls had to be chipped and we had to move ALL the furniture out of the kitchen and scullery! It was like we were camping! I had to even prepare the kids food in the lounge!

It was such a lovely weekend! The signal wasn't too good and so I couldn't update sooner and also I had a touch of the flu and it's slowly going away now. The tilers did such a beautiful job!

Unfortunately, I won't upload any photo's just yet because there were so many that were taken and I still have to go through them to see which are the really nice ones! I'll also upload a photo of the newly tiled areas soon.

Poor little Blitzy had to be locked away in her room because it was just too dangerous for her with all the work being done but we did still take her out on her morning walks! Joshy was surprisingly calm and slept in a little and still came in for his food. Curly, however, was so inquisitive!! Every chance she got, she would run out and try to "help" the tilers!! How sweet?!

We were so blessed to get such lovely tiles and tilers to do the job for us! Everyone on our mission pitched in, even the children!

This has been a weekend to remember!!!

Much love,
Sele'ha Mikhaila