Friday, May 15, 2015

The Basket & the Box


I must apologize, I wrote this post last week but I didn't realize that the post didn't actually get uploaded!! I just checked and I saw my mistake only now. So sorry! I will update again soon but here is last week's post :

Sorry, my first post was so nice and long and I hadn't saved yet, then the internet signal went bad, the server was lost and everything got deleted....that long post... :(
So, I'll try to rewrite as much as I can remember of it.

Do you remember that I would say how Blitzy refused to sleep in her basket, she would only use it at the cattery. Well, last week, she went into basket by herself! The sun shines directly on it so, it may have tempted her to warm herself there, she just loves the sun! She was in that basket all day!

However, she soon got tired of sleeping there and shunned her basket yet again!
Last Saturday, we went to a bookstore and because we bought so many books, they gave us a box to carry the books. We emptied the box at home and little Blitzy claimed ownership of it straight away!  It's just a plain old box, nothing special at all but she loves it! So, she leaves a plush, soft basket for a regular, cardboard box! I shall never understand that child! Anyway, I put the box on the middle of the floor in my room and I gave her a little blanket and she is happy! I have photo's but the signal is not good enough to upload an.

Joshy is sleeping inside most of the time now, he just goes out for a few hours at night.
Curly's fur grows too quickly and she is due for a haircut again! Yesterday, Charcoal came! Curly loves him to bits! She cried to go out to see him and they just sat together as the sun was setting.....this strange friendship! Eventually, he went away and she was left all alone, shivering in the cold....!

We are still experiencing this peculiar and then cold..

Sorry about the photo's!

God bless,