Sunday, July 26, 2015

Super Cold and Sleepy Kids!


It has been so cold here lately!! I don't have much to update you on.... the kids have been very boring these days....just snoozing and sleeping around....
Blitzy will go for her vaccinations on Tuesday.

My Dad is busy building the deck!! It's really looking nice, it is so exciting to see it being built!
Sorry to end off abruptly but here are some photo's for you to enjoy!

God bless you,
Sele'ha Mikhaila

Curly lazing around on the kitchen floor....
 Joshy curled up on my bedding that is about to go into the washing machine!
Blitzy asleep on her own little blankey in my room! She has a Blue Bulls blanket. The Blue Bulls is a famous South African rugby team, we bought this when we still thought Blitz was a male cat! Oops!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Conference Time and a Clever Poodle!

Hi again :)

These few weeks have been really busy!!!
I had a lot of  studying and assignments but it is going very well by God's grace!

It is holiday time here but I still have assignments to complete and send in. :(
The Youth Conference at the main mission in Kranskop began on Sunday, it is for a week. Last year, I got to stay over at this time, it was such a blessed time!
This year, I got to go for one day on Tuesday, it was so nice. Lord willing, we will go again tomorrow. Although, last year I was sharing a room with Katya and now it's so strange to go there and not see her!
We got to spend the day with Renate and we had a lovely time together. To get more info about the Youth Conference,
please click on this link :

It is Winter here and it's quite COLD!!! Little Blitzy is plastered to the heater virtually all the time. She just stops to eat and drink water during the day, at night, I have to put the heater off otherwise she'd be all dry and dehydrated! She doesn't even bother about going out! If she's not at the heater then she's soaking up the sunlight in my room!

Joshy sleeps all day as usual and I can see that he is getting older now, he is roughly 6 years old. I read somewhere that a cat is cosidered a senior after the age of 8 human years so, he's getting there!

Curly has a new friend, I'm not sure if I wrote about Lassie the dog before...? Well, anyway, she comes every day to see Curly...every day. When Lassie arrives, I usually call Curly and she sometimes hides behind the door and just peeps her head out as if to tell me, "Tell her I'm not at home!"
When I look at those puppy dog eyes, I feel so bad to send her away! Curly then comes outside and greets her little friend and leads her to the side of the house. As soon as Lassie follows her, Curly races to the gate to come inside! How clever?!
Though, today, Curly was the one wanting to play with Lassie!! It was as if their roles were reversed!

I really wonder what Sam the turtle is up to! She must be enjoying her HUGE new home!

Thanks for reading!

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡

Here are some photo's (at last!) from my new tablet! Enjoy!

 I baked a Russian Braid a few weeks ago, it has a lot of cinnamon!

 On Sunday, I baked a Cottage Cheesecake with a strawberry topping!

The main mission baked these biscuits and we had them with Renate! She made us some delicious German tea!!