Saturday, July 27, 2013

Blitzy's Wild Games!!!

Just some photo's of Blitzy playing wildy!!!


Huge Table, Hunting Lizards and Heartless Mole Killer... ;)

Hello, hello!!!

I have got a ton of photo's for you to see!!! It's almost August and then Spring will be here! I can't wait!

We may be going to the dam nearby, if so, I'll take loads of photo's and post them on here and I'll try to twist my Mum's arm into taking Curly with us! It would be so nice if Blitzy and Joshy could come but it's not advisable to take cats out because they get easily spooked.

Anyway, Curly caught a mole the other day!!! We don't know how but we just saw her holding it in her mouth! The moles have really been giving us a problem digging up holes everywhere! So, I guess it's good that she caught one but she didn't have to kill it! Shame, it was so cute...

Blitzy is fine and hasn't caught anything yet but right now she's stalking a small lizard in the main bedroom! She loves catching them. She climbs up the curtain and sits on top of the rail, no matter how many times you take her down, she'll just go right back up again!

We bought a new dining room table that seats eight people!! It's huge and super comfy! Blitzy has sort of owned it though! She sleeps on the chairs sometimes!

Joshy is asleep as usual! He still catches rats everyday, he is the best hunter in Claridge! Well, at least I think so! Carter and Katinka might not agree though!

Alright then, I think that's a fairly long update! So, please kick back and enjoy the photo's!!!

Sele'ha Mikhaila

 <<--- The mole that Curly caught!

Shame, look at that little smile on his face--->>
 Curly performing!!
 Eye of the poodle
 Look at my hungry tiger yawning!
 This little monkey kitten >>
 Birds eye view of Blitzy
 Brother and sister >>>
 Curly on a flight of stairs

 My little princess hunting for grasshoppers!
What could have been so interesting in the grass? >>>

 The girls on a walk >>>
 How pretty is this girl?
 Our new 8-seater table and Blitzy asleep on a chair! >>>
When our electricity went out, Curly quickly jumped on the sofa thinking that nobody could see her!!! So, I put the flash of my camera on and caught her red-handed!!!! Naughty poodle!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More Photo's :)

Roxy, before she went to the kennels >>

Roxy and Kenzo running like a horse!
The way she likes bottles!!! She is just too cute!
I think this is a St Joseph Lily, that is our road name also and I've always been looking for that lily which grows wildy here!
Poodle licking her nose >>


She just likes to sleep in her basket without the matress! So strange!


Black Labradors and Bent Whiskers


So, the snow won't be coming on the 27th as expected, maybe later?

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this but Roxy was taken to the kennels for two weeks because she was on heat and is not fully grown yet. Kenzo is all alone, shame! The time is almost up and she will be here on Friday hopefully.

Joshy's paw seems to be fine now and Curly and Blitzy are perfectly fine. The other day, Blitzy was sleeping against our 13 fin oil heater and her one whisker bent! We try to take her away but she keeps going back, her fur doesn't get thick like Joshy's and so she's constantly cold.

Anyway, that was a short update!

God bless,

Sele'ha Mikhaila

Joshy about to sneeze!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Vet Trip, Vicious Poodle and a Very Sleepy Tabby :) x

Hello hello :D

On the 27th of July there is gonna be snow in Claridge!!! That's quite something since I've never seen snow in Claridge yet, I'm not sure if it's ever snown here.

The other day, Blitzy caught a mouse all on her own!!! It was a field mouse and it's the same size mice that Joshy catches! I don't how she caught it but she emerged from this rock place with this mouse in her mouth! It was so big and she had to drag it! Before she could do anything, Curly snatched it from her and killed it viciously! I've never seen that side of Curly before. She is so protective over Blitzy and probably thought that the mouse would hurt her! Mice are so sweet though, they're not cheeky like rats!

Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

Blitzy in her carry-box on her way to the vet! >>

Fooling around in the sun! She just loves her room (which is actually mine)!!

Joshy in some crazy sleeping position! >>

Curly was rolling around in a heap of sawdust  shavings! Can you see it in her fur? It was such a big thing to comb it out of her fur!!!
Blitzy camouflaged in the tree amid all the branches and leaves :)
The mouse that Blitzy caught compared to my brother's shoe! >> 
Here are two pics of Blitzy playing around in her carry-box at home :)