Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A Poodle with a Problem

Hi there!

So, it was Caleb's birthday on the 29th of August and we went to the Wartburger Hof restaurant in...Wartburg. ;) We went there last year for his birthday too. The food was good and the setting is quaint and historic. We then had dessert at Spur.
My Mom baked a cake on Sunday, Caleb's favorite combination has always been chocolate cake with chocolate icing, we usually garnish it with chocolate shavings as well. A chocolate lovers dream!

Well, the other news was concerning Curly. She was not well for a few days and seemed to be a bit disoriented during the night, she actually had a high fever. When her temperature was high, she did some strange things! She jumped onto the trampoline in the room and then onto the sofa, she couldn't sit still and hardly slept during the night and thus, my parents had sleepless nights too... We took her to the vet the next day and when she was examined, the vet diagnosed her with gingivitis, a form of gum disease. Her teeth did need a dental cleaning a little while ago but it wasn't urgent so I'm not sure when she developed this but she needed to be operated on! So, we gave her pain medication and antibiotics over the weekend and yesterday she went for her appointment. On Saturday, Mum and I gave her a haircut as her fur was quite long and uncomfortable. The vet's resident cat was at the clinic, do you remember the naughty but adorable Pepsi? I uploaded a video of her antics from our previous visit to the vet.
So anyway, the cleaning went well by God's grace, 9 teeth were removed. She is such a little trooper! She doesn't complain although she would be in pain. We give her moistened kibble and canned food as the dry food is hard for her at the moment. She is just happy to be at home with Blitzy and Joshy again. They seemed concerned about her too, Blitzy even inspected her upon arrival! Curly is obediently taking her meds, we did have to disguise it in a treat each time though. She is on the mend! God is good.

Oh, the other day, the cows were on the farm again! It's the other farmer's cows and they have been frequenting our farm over these months. We chase them away so often. Caleb had to do so again this time and Sniffles and Lassie assumed the role of herd dogs! Naughty cows!

Yep....that seems to be all the news at the moment, Mum and Dad both have birthdays coming up this month by the way. Oh and Blitzy! :)

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila        

Blitzy using my tablet...hehe 

The Wartburger Hof

Inside the reception area

One of the dining tables

Peppermint tart dessert, proudly South African! 

Waffle with whipped cream

Malva pudding, also a proudly South African dessert!

The chocolate birthday cake my Mum made, delicious! 

Lassie fooling around 


Blitzy soaking up the sun inside 

This beautiful bird

Curly in her "new" spot

Sick much?

Blitzy looks bossy here!

Before and after her haircut

Joshy loves the deck!

Blitzy too!

The naughty cows, this was after they were evicted!

They're cute though

Curly on the way to the vet


Pepsi the resident vet cat

Sleeping on the waiting room chair

She's the boss there!

After the vet visit