Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tombstones and Tired Tabby's :)

Here are some more photo's!

We have 2 graves in our yard...they're old graves though and I will chack the exact dates and names on the graves and post it on here! I wonder who they were?

Joshy! Hahaha he is not allowed on the sofa but he sneakily went there!
This little princess got another heater and she loves it!

Below this photo is another photo of Joshy on the sofa! He tried to get up but couldn't and then just lazily plopped down and fell asleep like that!
 <<< Blitzy and the two graves!

Blitzy caught in an unsuspecting, unflattering moment!!
Curly pouncing up on me!!!

Cakes, Curly and Chilling...

Hey! So here are those highly anticipated photo's from last week! Sorry that it took a while but I tried!

It's the holidays now! Three whole weeks without school!!!! Hahaha can you blame me for being happy?!

We really enjoy taking Roxy and Kenzo out for a walk! Roxy was born at the beginning of October 2012 and Kenzo was born on the 8th of August 2010! They are both younger than Joshy but so much bigger than him!!!

I'm not sure how old Nero is but if I remember correctly, I was told that he was born between 2001-2002 :) Yes, he is quite old but soooo cute!!!

Much love,

Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

 <<< My little Blitzy in our yard! That's our house!!!!

 <<< How gorgeous is this pic?
 Roxy, the little black labrador!!! She LOVES bottles and I quickly took a photo of her! Isn't she just too cute?
 Peek-A-Boo!!! >>>
 This little girl was feeling cold and so we covered her up in a warm blanky <3 x
 Whenever we take Roxy and Kenzo on a walk, our kids get so sad at home. My Dad took this photo and said that they act as if we'll never come back! Shame...I love these little babies >>>

This is how Blitzy sleeps!!! Not too flattering!
 Another photo of this little acrobat child!
 Awwww >>>
 Curly and Joshy on the carpet...
My two girls waiting for us to come back from our walk with Kenzo and Roxy! They camp out at the window or at the door!
 My Mum baked 2 cakes, 40 cupcakes and lots of sweet treats for little Grace's 1st birthday! Do you remember that I mentioned her party in my last post?

 Choc-Mint cake!! Yum!
 The butterfly birthday cake for little Grace!!!
Above this pic is Kenzo!! He is adorable! Here are my kids!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sweet, Little Grace :) x

Hi there!

I'm so sorry for the late post but this weekend has been super busy! One of the babies on the farm turned 1 and we (our family) baked two cakes, 40 cupcakes and a whole lot of sweet treats! The baby's name is Grace and she is adorable! Her party was yesterday and all the little kids really enjoyed the sweet stuff.

Our "kids" are doing good and have been so well behaved! They're really enjoying their heaters because it's very, very cold here!

I would love for you to see all the photo's but alas the signal is not fast enough for them to load! Maybe in my next post? I'm really sorry :'(

Anyway, keep well and God Bless!

Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wild, Little Blitzy!!!

Here are some Blitzy pictures!!

She was playing on her own!

After having a wild game like that, she fell asleep...she's just too cute!

Not So Curly Anymore!!!


Yesterday we took Curly for a little haircut! She was feeling so hot with her long fur and it was hard for my Mum to dry her after her bath or when she walked on wet grass. So, we took her in our car and she was surprisingly calm! She got a little nervous but then she was fine! It was her first car ride with us.

Joshy and Curly are so close now! He lets her sniff him all over and gives her privileges that he doesn't even give to his little sister, Blitzy!
 Just look at how Blitzy is sleeping!!!!
 <<< Can you spot her?

 My little boy, Joshy...

 My Mum was rearranging some furniture and little Blitzy got so curious! She was wondering what was going on!

Joshy is scrunching his little face up as he's eating. Can you see the ash on his face? Their is a sugar cane farm next to us and they were burning the cane. He must have went there!
This is what I mean, Curly showers him with love and attention!
 Joshy in the hallway of or house.
 More inspecting by Curly.

 Blitzy getting into all sorts of places!!!

In the next photo, Curly is staring at Joshy eating his food! Both Blitzy and her love to stare at him!

Curly in the car! This is before her trim...
and after!!!! She looks so different! We didn't want her to get trimmed too much because it is still winter.
She doesn't look too happy though!

Loads of love and God bless,

Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx