Sunday, August 30, 2015

Happy Times, Hot Weather and a Hyperactive Kitten!


I don't have much news at the moment, my studies keep me busy but I got a chance to sneak away now to update you guys. ;) 
Let's see......

Blitzy is using her shelves more than ever now, whenever she is hyperactive, she runs crazily up and down those shelves!! She hasn't been outside for a couple of months now.....shame. You see, my Dad was building the deck and he oiled the timber and we didn't want Blitzy getting her paws messed and also, my Dad wanted to finish it completely then she can go out on her OWN! Yes you heard right, on her own! I mean, Caleb and I won't be here all the time to take her out so, slowly we will introduce her to going out by herself. She would probably be more dependant than Joshy but she would enjoy it thoroughly! 

Oh! Yesterday was Caleb's birthday! The evening before, we had a "braai", that is the South African term for "barbecue". It's actually an Afrikaans word but every South African no matter what color or culture they're from, say braai!!! It is a known thing that South Africans love to brĂ ai! So, we had a huge braai and we invited everybody on the farm! It was such a blessed time together! It was also to celebrate the opening of the deck! We even had the evening devotion on the deck, everybody was looking forward to trying out the deck. I am so thankful for this family of God that we have here at Claridge mission, it is really something special! 

The weather is changing now, Winter is changing into Spring and the flowers are blooming! It is becoming nice and warm. Today is Sunday and so it was church, it was a wonderful sermon that Oom Peet preached. Afterward, my Mom and I just had to give Curly a much needed haircut and bathe! Shame, the poor child was feeling so hot with that thick coat of fur, we hadn't trimmed her in quite a while, which was not good at all. Her fur becomes matted if not brushed regularly and she has to be trimmed often now, it's hard for her to cope with really long fur. 

Okay, Joshy is fine, sleeping most of the time, he loves the deck now! He catches rats and mice from the fields and leaves it outside the window underneath the deck, then, he comes running up the staircase of the deck and meows at the window. When we open the window, he races in, meowing and making those chirpy little sounds, probably telling us how he caught his defenseless victim and how brave he was! ;) Then, when my Dad tells him that he'd better rush back out because someone may steal his prey, perhaps Charcoal, Joshy does just that! He runs back out, down the stairs and seizes his prey! 

Hmmmm.......I guess I did have a lot of news after all! 
Thanks for reading my blog, be blessed!

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡ 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Random Photos :)

Here are some photo's :)

I baked some choc-mint muffins, lemon pie cookies and a lemon meringue this weekend!!
My Mom recently sewed new curtains for our dining-room, don't they look lovely?

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila


My Mom made us a delicious lunch!

Charcoal on the roof.

Look at Blitzy here :)