Tuesday, November 14, 2017


This is the last post for today and it's all about roses!
Okay, if you did not already know this....my Mum LOVES roses! That is the reason why we have so many planted in front of our house. I must admit though, I have a soft spot for these beautiful flowers too! So they are in bloom now, a little later than last year though.
Take a look at the photo's!

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Jacaranda Tree


We are blessed to have Jacaranda trees on the farm, one of which is in our yard! It's a huge tree and Blitzy climbed it when she was just a couple months old. We deter her from climbing trees now though.
This tree is absolutely beautiful in general but when it's in bloom, the little purple/lilac flowers make it simply breathtaking. As the flowers fall, the ground is covered in a gorgeous blanket of beauty. I'm rambling now, aren't I? I can't help it, this tree is just something else. Seeing it in person is wayyyy better but I hope you will get a taste of the beauty with the photos I took. Be blessed!

In Christ,
Sele'ha Mikhaila 

Curly admiring the view

Photos 2


This is my second post of the day, enjoy the photo's!

I did some doodles/sketches recently.


Buttered corn...Mmmm....

Blitzy "helping" me with my crochet.

Green eyes

The roses are in bloom! 

Avocados are growing!



Curly and Lassie

Sleeping like a baby

Beautiful Jacaranda tree in bloom

The flowers are gorgeous

Joshy and Blitzy on the deck

Curly and Joshy

Blitzy peeping out through the window





Here are some recent photo's, there so many that I will upload them in 2 or perhaps 3 posts!

I made some coffee shortbread, they look rather festive, hey?

Curly eating grass

Taking a stroll through the vegetable patch

Blitzy and her fake "Mom" :D

She loves heights!

Sleepy Joshy

Chocolate cake and milk....yum

The mist makes for pretty pictures!

Bougainvillea flower petals

Pink Azalea

White Azalea

This is an Indian treat called Golda's

Blitzy on the deck

Joshy on the deck

Pretty pink and white flowers

This little tree is growing!


Joshy climbing the Litchi tree