Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fast Year, Flea Treatments & a Female Turtle?!


This has been a lovely week. Well, it's only the middle of the week now but it has been a week since I last posted anything. My Dad and the guys are busy with the deck! It's looking good :) I will upload some photo's of it soon. The tiling for our courtyard will be done soon too, we are just waiting for the tiler to come!

Christmas is just ONE month away!! This year has flown by! I'm so excited as to what next year holds...2015..... :D ;)

Little Sam is still growing and it has now been almost 6 months since we "adopted" her! Yes, her.....I don't know if I mentioned this before but I recently looked up turtles and we found one that resembles Sam quite a bit however they say that if the turtle has a short, stubby little tail, then it is a female but if it has a long tail then it is a male. Sam has a.........short, stubby little tail :( I so wanted Sam to be a boy but alas, it is a girl! My Mum said she is a girl from the beginning and is now very happy! They do say, Mum's know best!!!

It is Spring now but Summer is coming up and as a precaution, we gave Joshy, Blitzy and Curly their flea treatments!

Anyway, enjoy the few photo's! In the 2nd photo, you will see how Blitzy curled up in my crafts box! Excuse the untidy box ;)

God bless, 
Sele'ha Mikhaila 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Pups and Progress of the Deck

Hello, kind readers!

This week has been hot, cold, dry, rainy, and misty all in one week! Hehehe :) you get used to it though ;)

About a week ago, Oom Peet and Tannie Andra got 2 new Labrador puppies! Their names are Mitsie and Roxy, I'm not sure if that is the correct spelling of Mitsie. The new Roxy was initially named Zandi but recently they changed her name.
They are both black but Mitsie has some white on her chest. They are adorable!

I think Blitzy is sick, she has vomited and has had diarrhoea lately. Maybe it is just a tummy bug of some sort sort. She has been sleeping most of the time now too and has been a bit disorientated, shame, she keeps falling off the top of the sofa. We pray for healing and trust in the Lord.

My Dad and the guys are busy with the deck, I will upload a few photo's of the progress soon. It is really starting to take shape. I think tomorrow, they will start on the flooring. Curly was running inbetween the poles and getting in the way!

There is nothing new with Joshy and Sam. ;)

Enjoy these photo's! Sorry that they are not very clear. In one pic, the pups are investigating a potplant that has fallen over! There is also a photo of the cake I baked last week when Mum had her stitches out.

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila

Deck & Due For A Haircut!

Hello everybody!

I hope all my readers are well as now it is the flu season in some countries. Here, it is Spring so not many have colds and flu but last year during this time, I had a cold so often!

The weather has been a bit confusing, on Sunday, it was so hot then yesterday, it was rainy, cold and misty! It's quite cool now too.

Curly's fur has grown so long now but since Mum had that operation on her arm, Curly will just have to wait. We would've sent her to a parlour but she is always so scared to be at the mercy of a stranger!

We have waited for almost 2 years but now the time has finally come for the deck! My parents have gotten everything set and yesterday, Dad marked and the guys drilled the holes and put the poles in for the structure. I think it is over 70 poles!! They just have to secure it and soon, the timber will be cut and fetched and then it's smooth sailing! Well, maybe not for my Dad, since he will be laying the flooring down and securing it. It is so exciting to see everything coming up!

The plants in the greenhouse are coming up nicely too, I will upload photo's soon.

Anyway, God bless!

Sele'ha Mikhaila :)

p.s. This is actually last week's post which I didn't know failed to upload. Only noticed it today. Sorry!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Beautiful Flowers and a Biopsy

Greetings, dear readers!!!

I feel like I haven't posted for awhile......what's new....let me think....

Well, today was extremely windy!! Just when I thought it had finished, it picked up again!

Last Monday, my Mum went for a biopsy on her arm and it is still quite sore for her. The stitches will be removed sometime this week, God willing. I think my Mum is now tired of going to the hospital but we pray that this is the last thing.
It is Spring time here and Claridge looks like a botanical garden with the beautifully green grass and gorgeous flowers!

The big Jacaranda tree in our yard is blooming and the little flowers fell to the ground creating a beautiful purple "carpet" to cover the grass. It really is a sight to behold! Unfortunately, the photo's are not loading :(

Anyway, little Blitzy is getting more and more independent now, she is eating her food on her own(well, almost all her food) and she is sleeping in her own room! Joshy is being spoilt as usual, he takes advantage of my Mum's Aunt because she loves animals and is humble. His rules are that he can sleep where he wants to when he wants to! Curly is playing "nurse" with Mum and during these passed few days, she has been quite naughty! We caught her on the sofa a few times already! The other naughty thing is that she rolls up this grass mat of our's.  Especially when we have visitors and she doesn't get much attention she would plop herself on the mat and begin rolling in it and squishing it, turning this way and that way, enjoying herself!!!!

Did you notice the "Favorite Sites" links on the side of the site? It is of the main mission in Kranskop and 2 of our other missions, one is in Virginia and the other is in Malelane. We have MANY missions in South Africa and also in other countries too. If you would like to see the other websites overseas,  then go onto the main missions website and click on the international sites, there are some in France, Russia, Germany and so on...enjoy!!!!!

Alright now, I think this post is long enough, hmm?

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila