Monday, November 17, 2014

Deck & Due For A Haircut!

Hello everybody!

I hope all my readers are well as now it is the flu season in some countries. Here, it is Spring so not many have colds and flu but last year during this time, I had a cold so often!

The weather has been a bit confusing, on Sunday, it was so hot then yesterday, it was rainy, cold and misty! It's quite cool now too.

Curly's fur has grown so long now but since Mum had that operation on her arm, Curly will just have to wait. We would've sent her to a parlour but she is always so scared to be at the mercy of a stranger!

We have waited for almost 2 years but now the time has finally come for the deck! My parents have gotten everything set and yesterday, Dad marked and the guys drilled the holes and put the poles in for the structure. I think it is over 70 poles!! They just have to secure it and soon, the timber will be cut and fetched and then it's smooth sailing! Well, maybe not for my Dad, since he will be laying the flooring down and securing it. It is so exciting to see everything coming up!

The plants in the greenhouse are coming up nicely too, I will upload photo's soon.

Anyway, God bless!

Sele'ha Mikhaila :)

p.s. This is actually last week's post which I didn't know failed to upload. Only noticed it today. Sorry!

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