Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Big Prize & a Birthday


Let me start off by sharing that we went to the Royal Agricultural Show on Friday which was the opening day! It's become kind of a tradition for us to go to the show ever year, it's been a highlight for years. I think the only time we missed it was when we lived in New Zealand. I will admit that the show has changed a lot over the years, they try to introduce modern things and some of the agricultural attractions have been replaced but they DO still have a lot of the lovely stalls and the animals are still there. I have mentioned in previous posts all that the show has to offer but I'll give you a quick rundown on what we did. Firstly, we stopped at a pizza stand and got ourselves some delicious rectangle-shaped pizzas. I ordered a Margarita-style topping with fresh herbs, Caleb opted for a topping of bacon and feta cheese and my parents both ordered the chicken and avo pizza. My Mum and I exchanged half our slices to get a taste of each other's pizza. We were not left disappointed!
Then, we headed over to see some farmyard animals such as cows, donkeys, chickens, pigs and so on...I love piglets, I'm still trying to get my parents to agree to let me have one! I do realize that they don't stay little forever though, a pity! Although, little Blitzy remained the size of a kitten...hehehe
We also visited the rabbit stall and the judges were busy at work so I didn't take photos of the fluffy little creatures, sorry! Rabbits are just so adorable, especially because they sit like cats and can melt your heart no matter what they do! Cute 24/7   :)
The poultry section was empty though, I suppose they're still on their way to be judged since it was only the first day of the show then.
We did however get to see a few exotic budgies and other similar birds in the other section. There was an especially unique one called a Golden Pheasant, his top feathers looked like a golden wig on his little head.
We briefly visited the horses and there were 2 Shetland ponies outside too. Again, I didn't really take that many photos because as you stroll through the showgrounds, you tend to purchase things and stuff them into any sort of bag or satchel you brought along.....then, fiddling around for a cellphone or tablet becomes quite the task! So do forgive me for my lack of photos.
Anyway, we always like to end the day off with some fresh mini scones with strawberry jam topped with whipped cream and served with tea. There is a lovely little coffeeshop in the Arts and Crafts hall. Though, before enjoying our English tea and scones, we headed over to the display section to see my crochet project.....it won 1st prize by God's grace! All that work did pay off! The only tip that the judge suggested was to crochet the road patches in one continual piece as opposed to individual patches just to avoid all the joins. I guess it would make the road flow more easily too. I shall keep that in mind! The only reason I made them in separate patches was because I had kept changing the layout over time. ;) :D We bought the famous American style donuts at the show too, it's so yummy! We went into the other halls too, everyone loves the Food Hall because of all the tasters along the way! Haha :D We strictly said that we will not buy any newfangled gadget at the show which we always fall prey into. Well, we broke that pledge but in our defense, these items are very useful and unique! I promise!

Woah, this post is already long but....it was my birthday on the 27th! I share a birthday with my Gran as mentioned in last year's post. So, we went to Durban to spend the day with her. It was a lovely day!
My Mom made my birthday cake on Sunday after church and what a beautiful cake it turned out to be! I thank the Lord that my Mum has talent in the cake decorating business because my brother and I reap the rewards yearly! I decided to have a rich dark chocolate cake topped with a buttercream frosting. I had the same combination last year but this time Mum made it rectangle-shaped and covered in large roses, so pretty! I was almost sad to cut the cake but it had to be done and boy was it delicious! We gave slices to everyone on the farm, so basically half the cake was gone, just like that! Well, we can't keep it all to ourselves, now can we?

In animal news, there are 2 new Sparrows who moved into Claridge, they are a noisy, inquisitive pair and are quite tame! Almost daily, you'll find them peeping into either the kitchen window or the back room window, naughty but cute! They even sit on the car mirror, trying to figure out how another pair of sparrows could be living inside the mirror. I think they're adorable but Blitzy has set her sights on them......as prey. Well, they haven't been caught yet but they should be alert, little Biltzy strikes just when the bird least expects it! She may be little but she sure is fast!  

Anyway, bye for now!
God bless,
Sele'ha M Dhew

Our pizzas for breakfast

Pretty calf

Donkey, his name is Romeo

So sad, just like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh

Piglets! Please hold me back lest I take them!!!

Eggs waiting to be hatched in the incubator.

The Golden Pheasant

He/she seems to know they're something special!


My crochet project on display!

1st Prize tag

Scones with jam and cream

Chocolate clusters

Now to the Claridge pics.....Granadillas/Passion fruit at Bible House, it was harvested during the week and is ready to be sold.


One of the Sparrows

From a different angle

Joshy and Blitzy enjoying the sun!

My beautiful rose swirl cake


From the top!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cold Weather, Crochet & Comfort Food


I must apologize for the long wait since my last update! This time I do have a valid excuse, I was busy with my crochet project. :)

Yes, finally it is done! I've been longing to share photos of it for a while but I didn't want to spoil the surprise for all of you. Anyway, I'm thankful that it is completely finished by God's grace and we have sent it to the Royal Agricultural Show arts & crafts office, so it has already been judged by now though we will only see the results when the show opens. It is from 26 May-4 June. So it starts the day before my birthday and ends on my parents' wedding anniversary! If you haven't read my recent posts, then I'll tell you about my crochet project. I made a little farm scene complete with a double-storey farmhouse, a barn, a pine forest, a pond with a little duck and of course a red truck, tractor & trailer, a vegetable patch, a strawberry patch and a wheat field with hay bales.....oh and a little paddock with an Appaloosa horse. I wanted to do a lot more but due to time constraints, I wasn't able to make all that I had envisioned. Though, what I like about a playmat is that one can always crochet more patches and add to it at any time, for years to come!  

On Sunday was Mother's Day, it was super cold and wet in Claridge but I love that type of weather anyway. ;)
We had visitors, it was the Matveyuk family from the main mission, they're Russian, do you remember my post when Juliana came? She is the daughter from that family. Also, there was a family straight from Russia, they actually live on the same mission as Katya, in Kuzminka. I shared photos from their bakery in my previous post. There was also a Russian American lady from Missouri, USA. We had a lovely lunch together, my Mom made a chicken pie then Oom Peet & Andra made some "potjiekos". It's a traditional Afrikaans dish, you can click here to find out more about it. For dessert, my Mom knocked out 2 trays of her delicious peach tart topped with custard. Can comfort food get any better? The whole menu was just perfect for a cold day. The visitors seemed to enjoy it too. Okay, that's all from my part for now!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila

My crochet project!

Sleepy Blitzy


Blitz is too big for this barn!

After the storm, Joshy was at peace.

Close-up of Blitzy, she loves the camera!

Red leaves for Autumn

There are many pics of Blitzy!

Blue Bulls blanky

Blitzy on her morning walk

I trimmed the fur around her eyes, so she can see properly!

Joshy hiding his ginger face

Naughty! Definitely not allowed here!
Renate sent me these photos of the beautiful sunset at the main mission.