Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Visit From Virginia

Hey everyone!

This weekend has been another blessed one, we made some wonderful memories with lovely people. On Friday morning, an all girl team consisting of 4 came from Goldfields Mission in Virginia, Free State. This is the same mission that we went to in October for Ester and Pieter's wedding. Anyway, those who came were : an Afrikaans girl named Ilze, an Indian girl named Shalona, a visitor from Germany named Christina and also a Russian American girl named Dasha Celick! Dasha is Jessica's older sister and one of 8 kids from the Celick family. My parents stayed in the Celick's house in America when they went on the preaching tour last year.  Dasha works at the bakery at Goldfields Mission.

It was nice having them with us this weekend, though they left on Saturday after breakfast....yes, they stayed just one night. :(
On Friday, we took them to do a little shopping, we went to various clothing and miscellaneous stores. Then, later on, I went with them for a nice walk around the farm, we got some good exercise out of it! They had dinner at our house, we had it on the deck. The girls must've been quite tired at the end of that day because they left really early to arrive in Claridge at mid-morning. The next morning (today), we also ate on the deck with them. We are so thankful for the deck, it's nice to be on it.....
Like I said, after breakfast, they headed to the main mission to drop Christina off and will leave tomorrow after the Sunday service. There is also a wedding at the main mission tomorrow.

I don't think I mentioned this before but there is a lovely American couple staying on the mission here in Claridge and they have been such a blessing to all of us. Their daughter was in an accident over 2 months ago and she's still in hospital. They are with her everyday, for the entire day. We are thankful that Suzanne (the daughter) is making a lot of progress now and they will fly home very soon. We sure will miss them though, they are very special!!

We are expecting really hot weather from tomorrow until, we have our fans, ice cream and fruit salad ready for these scorching days ahead!

Anyway, until we meet again,
God bless!
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡

The 3 little musketeers 

Admiring their "brother", Joshy ;)

This road is actually quite steep and one really feels exercised after trying it.

Our house, deck and the palm tree, miles away from the beach!

The train that regularly passes through.

 If you look closely, you'll see Curly and Lassie on the dirt road. I was on the deck when I spotted them!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Perfect Prefects Weekend

Hello there :)

This week I did some embroidery, my Mum and I are going to sew some stuff and I embroidered the material first. It's quite difficult to embroider it after the garment is already sewed. I also did some embroidery on my bag.

This weekend was a busy one for Claridge mission but it was also an enjoyable time! The prefects from Domino Servite School (DSS) at the main mission came on Friday and stayed until Sunday together with some of the teachers. It was a blessing to have them with us. The aim was to equip the prefects spiritually and physically for their tasks at school, the theme for this weekend was Leadership. On Saturday morning, the entire group had breakfast on our deck, we just provided the venue but Bible House prepared the food. They seemed to enjoy it very much.
They had a program for the day and in the evening, Oom Peet showed everyone a movie and some little clips with life lessons. We all benefited from it of course. ;) It was held in the chapel due to the crowd, Friday night's devotion was also in the church. We usually have it in the dining hall but when there are many people, we use the church. 
On Sunday morning, Oom Marius Pretorius preached, it was a blessed sermon.
The DSS group left after lunch, the weekend was over so quickly!! :(  

If you would like to see what DSS is like or just get more info on the school, take a look at their website :
I'm sure that they should post about the prefects weekend soon!

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡   

DSS emblem/logo

Joshy in my room....on the couch..

How cute is Blitzy?

My embroidered bag

I trimmed the fur around Curly's eyes. It usually blocks her eyes.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Dragonfruit Flowers & Doing Some Drawing


I hope that 2016 has been great for you so far!

Last week, we went into the fields to see the dragonfruit flowers in bloom. It is such a beautiful sight! They bloom at night and early morning, we have seen it before but it is still lovely to view them again. ;)
Joshy loves to spend time with us outside and he accompanied us into the fields and was thrilled that we were outside with him at that hour!

Last week was extremely hot but then as the weekend rolled around, it became cool...almost cold! Peculiar!
It is still holiday time for us here and I got to do some sketches over these days.
We are almost halfway through the month of January, can you believe it?!

Alright, here are some photo's for you guys.......

May the Lord bless you,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡

I'd appreciate it if you don't use the photo's of my sketches without proper accreditation and permission from me. You can find my email address on my Google+ page. Thanks for the co-operation!

Joshy loves the camera.

The dragonfruit flowers at night.

This flower hasn't opened completely.

An opened one!

Curly feeling the heat.

And so is Blitzy

Lazy girl....

Blitzy with her "kitty" pals. They're artificial cats.

I baked some oatmeal cookies!

These 2 sketches are not too good...I kinda rushed them. 

Sorry that they are so light.

 This one is better, I hadn't drawn a deer before but                                                      I'm satisfied with the end result. You can click on the photo for a closer look.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

It's 2016! Time to take down that old calender folks.....out with the old and in with the new!

January is the month in which we regret the over-indulgence at Christmas time and we start to seriously consider embracing a healthier lifestyle......I hope it lasts...
It is Summer here and the days have been HOT! Though, we've had a bit of rain, God is good! This is a very short post but I just wanted to wish all my loyal readers (and the new ones) a blessed new year! 😊

We are so grateful for the deck, it's lovely to just be outside, enjoying nature! When my grandparents were here, they loved it too, we would have breakfast on the deck and just relax there in the afternoons.
Speaking of which, we just had breakfast out there today! There was a cool breeze beautiful. It just makes you appreciate nature and the Lord's creation even more.

May the Lord bless you,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡ 😄

Enjoy the photo's! I didn't take a photo of Blitzy this time, sorry!

Here is Curly at the top of the stairs!

She enjoys it too...

Looking out at the view through the railing.

She was looking for food that Blitz had dropped in my room & toppled things over in the process!

My Mum made a delicious cottage pie the other day! Here is a slice. Yum!
Joshy on the deck looking down at me. 

He was exploring our flower patch.