Monday, February 25, 2013

A Walk On The Farm...

Hello dear friends!'s sooo hot here!!!

Really would like to update everyday rather than every week but since I'm doing my last year of school, I have to be focused!!!

Today we took the three kids outside on one of the daily walks and it was so delighful! We take them out twice a day, at 7 in the morning (yes, that early!) and at about 5 in the afternoon! They enjoy it so much...little angels...

Blitzy is like a little queen outside! She leads the way, sometimes she takes us reallyyyy far!!!! Before she was spayed, she used to go far searching for a suitable mate! She'd run around howling and screaming, it's amazing how strong those little lungs are, you'd never believe it! We've crossed train tracks, walked to the dam, trudged through sugar cane fields, waded through brush and brambles AND had to go into some of our neighbours houses just to get her back!!!! One time, our neighbor (Curly's owners) left their door open and she raced in! We were sooo embarrassed to ask but we had to! They were very kind about it, after all, who can resist a little kitten? She was about 5 months at that time.

Joshy also loves taking Blitzy down futher into places. They would run and tackle each other and sprint further and further away from home!! If you think Curly kept anyone in control, you would be wrong! She would leap after them!!!

Sometimes it's so hard hard to get Blitzy back inside! She is so fast to catch. She really gives us a run for our money!!! Hahaha

Anyway, it was so nice to update today, 'cause I felt like I needed a break from school!

Ahhh I love you all...God Bless, Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sulking Tabby's, Helpful "Kittens" and a Scared Poodle!

Hello dear friends, sorry for the wait hey! <3

I hope that all of you are well and that you are enjoying the new year so far!!!

The internet signal is slow yet has become my friend/foe now.

Anyway, photo's aren't everything so lets just enjoy this nice chat or well update, haha... Mum just gave Curly a bath and she is like a little white dove now! Joshy has hijacked my brother's lap and Blitzy is helping my Dad with a few renovations around the house!

Joshy can be quite stubborn when it comes to sleeping on your lap...he sits for hours!!! No lies, 'cause when it's cold he can sleep on you from morning till night, hahahaha...too cute. Shame, now Caleb had to get up to do something and poor little Josh is upset. When Caleb (my brother) returned and petted him, he just ignored Caleb. He's looking out the window and sulking now, he tends to do that if he doesn't get his way.

Curly is snoring louder than my Dad now, which is quite something!

We renovated our second lounge, just for a change and Blitzy is loving it! That child loves chores and tasks! Whenever my Mum puts on the washing machine or we vacuum, sweep, clean, dust, cook, bake or really anything, she'll be there, trying to help! Little angel <3

One time Blitzy was helping my parents to clean the windows and we left the soapy bucket of water down. Not paying attention to her, we carried on cleaning. When I turned around, she had dipped her little face right into that bucket! When she looked up, she had a little foam beard! How cute is she?!

Ahh...Joshy got over his little tantrum (or felt cold) and made himself comfortable on Caleb's lap again.

Curly heard the thunder in the distance and woke up. Shame, she's terrified of it! So is Joshy but ever since little Blitz came, he has toughened up! Have I told you that before? Maybe...Blitzy also looked up, not because of fear but because she knows that she won't be able to go outside. :(

Thank you all for being so amazing and reading the blog of three little furry friends!!! 

Yes, so, I hope you enjoyed these little updates!!!

Sele'ha Mikhaila Sarah xxx

Saturday, February 2, 2013

School, Storms and Stubborn Kids...


There's been so many storms lately!!! Recently there was a massive storm!!! The power was off for like 3 days!
It's happened before too!

I'm in Grade 12 now and it has been super crazyyy!!!!!!!!!

The kids don't really like the lack of attention...Blitzy lays across the books!! Curly sleeps in the room and snores sooo loudly!!!! Joshy, well he's so laid back, haha...

Anyway bye for now!!

Mikhaila xoxo