Friday, May 30, 2014


Hi again...

Here are the pups at 6 weeks old. Unfortunately, a "Parvo Virus" broke out and Roxy and the puppies seem to have contracted it. :( We prayed over them and we know the Lord has His hand over them. Kenzo and Nero are fine though. I'm not sure if Tannie Andra and Oom Peet's cats have it but our kids are fine. Please remember them all in prayer! We appreciate it so much!

May Jesus bless you!

Sele'ha Mikhaila

I couldn't get a photo of the youngest one, a girl, she was inside with Tannie Andra. The poor little puppy was not well at all. They've grown a lot though!

Big Prizes, Beautiful Puppies and a Birthday!


The puppies are now 6 weeks old! Wow! Time flies! Since I stopped posting photo's at 4 weeks so, here are the pups at 4 and 5 weeks old. I'll post the recent ones in another post. Last Saturday, we went to the show and we went into the crafts hall. We looked everywhere for my cross-stitched picture but to no avail! Then we went upstairs to the second floor and...there it was! It won 1st Prize!!!! Wow! The Lord has really blessed me! 1st Prize! We were so happy! We entered Claridge's jams in too. My parents made some and Tannie Andra made the berry jams. They also did very well! All 5 of the jams that we entered were on display and that in itself is quite something! The strawberry won 2nd Prize, the pineapple won 3rd Prize and the blueberry won 3rd Prize in it's category too!! God is so amazing! We are so grateful to Him for all that He has done! Apricot was highly commended too! On my label, our surname was spelt correctly, "Dhewnarian" but on the jam labels they put "Dhewnarain"!!! We are so used to it being mispelt! People find it hard to spell and pronounce but it's really very simple. Just say Dew-ner-ryan...Dhewnarian!!! Easy, right?! I thought so!

My birthday was on Tuesday, the 27th of May! I had such a lovely day! I share a birthday with my grandmother and my grandmother's sister! Yes, that's not something you hear everyday! Hahaha :) I received many gifts from my parents and Caleb too.
On the evening of my birthday, the girls from Bible House came and sang for me and brought gifts from everyone at Bible House! It was so thoughtful! They are my "sisters" in the Lord! Bible House are family to us :)

On Wednesday, I received some beautiful cards and gifts from Renate, Katya, Lungi (a lovely Zulu girl who used to stay in Claridge but is now studying at the mission) and also from Tannie (Auntie) Teresa who works at the college with Katya. I am so blessed to know such wonderful people! I was ecstatic! There was Bible Study on Wednesday too!

On Thursday was Ascension Day but it's been removed as a public holiday here. Anyway, there was a service which was so lovely! It was blessed!

I really enjoyed this week and now, I have to end off!

God bless!
Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

The first photo is of my cross-stitching and then the Jaboticaba (Brazilian Grape) Jam.

<---- Apricot!!!! 

Blueberry ---->

<---- Strawberry
 <---- Pineapple
 Now, for the puppies! Enjoy!

                                                             4 Weeks Old

5 Weeks Old


Thursday, May 15, 2014

More Updates :)

The Royal Agricultural Show will start soon and I entered a cross-stitched picture that I did! It's of Curly in our yard during Autumn. --->
This photo is really blurr but I'll take a better photo as soon as I get it back from the judges! We don't know the results yet! I love to cross-stitch! It can be tiring but very worth it!

Below is a photo of Birdie! Do you know what bird it is? Some sort of parrot?

There's also a photo of our 3 kids in front of the heater, it's so cold here!

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

 Can you spot the fake kitty?? Hahaha Blitzy thinks she's an ornament like those 2 cats!

 This is Joshy's new bed although Blitzy is lounging on it here!

Puppy Learns From Papa :)


Yes, you are hearing from me quite soon! Anyway, the puppies will be 4 weeks old on Friday night/Saturday morning and I thought I'd just post some photo's now in case I don't get a chance to update then. Okay the first photo is of Kenzo drinking water, then, the puppy watches him and lastly, he learns and drinks the water! How cute?!

 Biting my shoelace!
 This little girl refused to play with her siblings and stayed in the dog house!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Puppies Progress and Playfulness :)

Hello dearest friends!!!!

I am extremely sorry for the loooong wait! It's been almost a month!

We have been busy with our studies and the puppies! Oom Peet and Tannie Andra came back a while ago though. We are very grateful that they are back, everyone in Claridge really missed them!

The puppies have grown so much during this month. I really wanted to update the blog every week but alas, it did not work out! We also could not go online for a while but now everything's sorted and I've uploaded many photo's of the pups through the weeks! They will be 4 weeks old on Friday evening/Saturday morning! So quickly! There are 4 females and 3 males and the males are nice and strong too! I would like to get one but of course, I have too many pets as it is!

There is also a bird living at Bible House! I have no idea what bird it is but it's like a parrot, he speaks too! I'm just calling it a "he" but it might be a girl, I don't know! He flew to the farm and I think Oom Peet got him and a lady named Aunty Sandra kept him. We all just call him "Birdie". He has a tag on him with his owner's name on it, I'm not sure if there is a phone number or not. He is staying at Bible House for a few weeks because Aunty Sandra is gone away for a few weeks although she does stay on the farm anyway, so, he just had to change buildings! He is very cute though and he sure can shout and scream!!! Wow!

Kenzo and Roxy are fine too! Kenzo is very sweet with his children but the only time he gets angry with them is when they come near his food bowl! He growls and even lashed out at one! I quickly tried to comfort the little guy but then Roxy rushed over, grabbed her baby and comforted the screaming puppy! He also does not like it when they all gather around him! They now have two places to sleep in. The second dog house was moved closer and there is a little fence around it and the pups are put in there during the day for some sun and a change of view. They're even walking on the grass now! Then, at 16:00 or so, they are taken back to the kennel on the veranda. Since winter is coming close, it gets dark quicker and the nights are cold too.

Our kids are fine too! They really give us an earful when we get back from the puppies! If they don't do that then they'll give us the silent treatment! Yes, it's true! Joshy received a new bed and he LOVES it! Finally, he listens and goes to his own bed to sleep! Even though it's pink....shhhh....don't tell him ;) Hahahaha!

Blitzy is getting very independent now although I still have to feed her by hand! I'm trying to wean her off it and she'll eat some of the food on her own but whenever she sees me, she'll act as if she cannot eat! She will be 3 years old in September! Certainly not a kitten anymore!

Curly can also be a little naughty too sometimes. For instance, when we bring her back in from her walk, she'll refuse to come in! Everyday! We have to go inside, fetch a Beeno dog biscuit and lure her in with it! Can you believe it?! It's actually twice a day sometimes!

But.......we are so glad to have them as part of our lives! We all have our flaws, right? Our Beeno-biscuit-scheming flaws!

Anyway, I have to end off now and I promise to write again soon! You certainly won't have to wait a month again before hearing from me!

God bless and stay well!

Sele'ha Mikhaila

                             1 Week Old

                              2 Weeks Old

Below is Kenzo and his children! The next photo is of Roxy! She was sad that we were petting her pups and not her! Look at the sadness in her eyes! Awww!!! Can you ever resist a face like that? 

                                         3 Weeks Old

 Roxy and Kenzo inside the puppy inclosure looking out.