Friday, May 30, 2014

Big Prizes, Beautiful Puppies and a Birthday!


The puppies are now 6 weeks old! Wow! Time flies! Since I stopped posting photo's at 4 weeks so, here are the pups at 4 and 5 weeks old. I'll post the recent ones in another post. Last Saturday, we went to the show and we went into the crafts hall. We looked everywhere for my cross-stitched picture but to no avail! Then we went upstairs to the second floor and...there it was! It won 1st Prize!!!! Wow! The Lord has really blessed me! 1st Prize! We were so happy! We entered Claridge's jams in too. My parents made some and Tannie Andra made the berry jams. They also did very well! All 5 of the jams that we entered were on display and that in itself is quite something! The strawberry won 2nd Prize, the pineapple won 3rd Prize and the blueberry won 3rd Prize in it's category too!! God is so amazing! We are so grateful to Him for all that He has done! Apricot was highly commended too! On my label, our surname was spelt correctly, "Dhewnarian" but on the jam labels they put "Dhewnarain"!!! We are so used to it being mispelt! People find it hard to spell and pronounce but it's really very simple. Just say Dew-ner-ryan...Dhewnarian!!! Easy, right?! I thought so!

My birthday was on Tuesday, the 27th of May! I had such a lovely day! I share a birthday with my grandmother and my grandmother's sister! Yes, that's not something you hear everyday! Hahaha :) I received many gifts from my parents and Caleb too.
On the evening of my birthday, the girls from Bible House came and sang for me and brought gifts from everyone at Bible House! It was so thoughtful! They are my "sisters" in the Lord! Bible House are family to us :)

On Wednesday, I received some beautiful cards and gifts from Renate, Katya, Lungi (a lovely Zulu girl who used to stay in Claridge but is now studying at the mission) and also from Tannie (Auntie) Teresa who works at the college with Katya. I am so blessed to know such wonderful people! I was ecstatic! There was Bible Study on Wednesday too!

On Thursday was Ascension Day but it's been removed as a public holiday here. Anyway, there was a service which was so lovely! It was blessed!

I really enjoyed this week and now, I have to end off!

God bless!
Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

The first photo is of my cross-stitching and then the Jaboticaba (Brazilian Grape) Jam.

<---- Apricot!!!! 

Blueberry ---->

<---- Strawberry
 <---- Pineapple
 Now, for the puppies! Enjoy!

                                                             4 Weeks Old

5 Weeks Old


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