Wednesday, October 3, 2018

More Drawings!


So I just wanted to share some more of my latest drawings, all are done with Prismacolor pencils. I've been trying to draw as often as I can so that I can improve my skills, especially with the coloring. I hadn't had much experience with color drawings before so you what they say, practice makes perfect!

So I've done a variety of drawings over these last few weeks, from cartoon to realistic and in-between! I even did a pet portrait of little Blitzy! It was my first time coloring fur, I need to work on my layering skills though.
So, most of my drawings are done on normal sketchpad white paper but apparently brown (Kraft) paper or toned tan paper make the colors pop more!
We went to practically every art store in our nearest town but to avail, none stocked Kraft or toned tan paper! I had to check online and eventually ordered a Kraft paper sketchpad from a company in Cape Town and in the meantime, I used some other brown card that I found. The drawings look so much better on a darker paper! Especially if you are using many light colors. Also, I noticed that I don't have to use that many solid color layers, lovely!

Anyway, the day finally arrived when my Kraft paper sketchpad arrived and guess what...?! I open the book to find 128 smooth white sheets of paper! White!!! The cover was the only thing in Kraft paper......
I had a look at the item listed online again and it was not specified that only the cover was Kraft paper. I really don't know if South Africa even stocks this paper in a sketchpad form at all!
Now, I'll order it from Amazon which will take a while to reach sunny South Africa but patience, patience, patience!

I think it's time to end off now!

God bless,
Sele’ha Mikhaila

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Eliza and Darwin from the Wild Thornberry's
My first time coloring on brown paper!

Blitzy watching as I drew her.

Portrait of Blitzy, first attempt at coloring fur.

Posing for the camera

My progress collage

Mufasa and Simba

First time doing the ocean!

I drew a Ring-Billed Gull