Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I just wanted to show you what Blitzy is doing right now! I'm trying to edit the blog and she plopped herself in front the screen! In the second one she's curiously watching the cursor!!!



Hi there!!! Soooo....guess what?! I'm uploading the photo's!!!!!! Yay!!! 

Ok, Blitzy always copies Joshy and here are are two pics of her doing so. However he didn't know that she was in his basket. If he did, he'd probably lash out at her! Yeah, they have an on and off relationship. Sometimes, on very rare occasions when it's freezing cold, he would let her curl up with him in his basket! Those are really treasured moments to us. :)

In the first photo, I called them for their food and they both turned! How cute!!!

Joshy also started copying her now because the other day Blitzy jumped up onto a bench and before I could scold her, Joshy did the same! Yes, he changed a lot from that reserved and well behaved child when Blitzy came! 

You've gotta see how they play tag outside!!! It's hilarious! Blitzy weaves in and out of the plants but Joshy destroys plants on purpose! We've witnessed it ourselves. Somehow he knows which are ours and which are not 'cause Joshy does not destroy our own plants! He's incredibly smart! 

Yesterday, I saw a little Tomato growing on our plant!!! I was overjoyed! Now I know how farmers feel. I mean, we planted that when it just a small little seedling and now it has fruit already! Yes, tomatoes are a fruit.

Curly is digging a hole in our beautiful yard right now! It's a dog thing, no matter how much she tries to act like a cat, she is still a dog at the end of day!
Caught in the act!

Our school holidays started! only ends in mid-January! Not sure of the actual date though...
Anyway dear friends, I must leave you all now!!!
Farewell my lovelies!!! 
Mikhaila xoxo

Monday, November 26, 2012


Hello! today it's hot but unfortunately Blitzy can't go outside :(

So I decided to rather tell you about the "kids" funny nicknames!

Okay, we used to call Joshy on his normal name but gradually it became Joshy Woshy, Wishy Woshy, Oshy, Oosha, Big Man and Squishy! Right we just call him Oshy or Oosha. Very weird, I know but I guess everyone has an embarrassing nickname right?! Hahaha...

Blitzy, since she was the baby of the family, was called Baby which then became Bebeh and finally became Peppy! Now we call her either Peppy, Peptart, Eppy Shmep or Num Num!!! We're an odd bunch! When she's naughty, she's called on her full name, Blitzvinnig. Sometimes we call her Kitten or Kitten Face :)

And Curly...well she doesn't have many nicknames really...I just started calling her Fluffy. We also call her Fluffa or Curly Wurly. When she's naughty, I call her Curlian, which isn't actually her full name but I think it suits her.

I also have an odd nickname. My second name is Mikhaila and my friends call me Miks!! Hahaha's odd but I like it! It adds to my character!
My Grandma wanted to name me Sarah when I was born but my parents wanted me decide if wanted to do so. I think I will add it to my name! It shall be Sele'ha Mikhaila Sarah Dhewnarian! It will be a long name but hey, I don't mind!!!

Alright, so I've led you into our peculiar nicknaming world and I hope you've had a good laugh!
My Mum would probably not approve of me writing all these odd names that we call our pets on here but I think it cute. I'm sure you've given your pet an unusual nickname too...

Tot Siens!!! It means "goodbye" in Afrikaans by the way!!!

Sele'ha Mikhaila SARAH!!! Hahahaha....

Friday, November 23, 2012

Greed and a Garden

Hi everyone!!!!!!! My internet signal seems fine now though photo's just take a little longer to load but hey, I AM living on a farm and there are lots of tree's around so of course that would affect the signal!

It's soooo hot today but Blitzy insists on sleeping on my brother's lap!!! I feed her and spend more time with her but from the time she was a kitten she would always sleep on Caleb's lap!! Only occasionaly does she sleep on my lap. When she was about month or so, she would steal things from the the house and hide it under Caleb's bed! Blitzy was especially attracted to my Mum's baby shoes that were hung up as an ornament!!! She loved those!!!

Shame, she was lonely when she was small and used to cuddle up with my tiny teddies!!! I might have told you that already! Did I? She came into the room right now with a very suspicious look on her face...Normally it means that she dropped or broke something...

Joshy is quite a greedy little child 'cause he steals food whenever he can. We used to buy this kitten dry food for Blitz and we put it in her room. Now, Joshy would be missing for quite a while and I promise you that every time we looked for him, he was in there stealing food!!! He's quite a character :)

He even steals Curly's dog food!!! Before, he used to be very fussy with his food but now he'll mow down anything!!!

Curly is also greedy and but we just put Joshy and Blitzy's food up on a counter or something and shame...she can't jump up. My Mum and Dad started planting alot of things now!!! We've got all sorts of veg and flowers! The other day, they planted some roses and the very next day, Curly tramped on 4!!! Mum said she didn't understand but I think she knew what she was doing because she kept looking at us and then running straight into it!! She didn't get poked or anything though. Now she seems fine and she walks only at the edge of the patch. Curly's very smart!

Bye for now guys!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's raining...'s another dull day but it's surprisingly warm! I don't have much time to write but I just wanted to quickly post something!

Joshy is loving the rain outside!!! We took Blitz outside when the rain stopped and she enjoyed herself too. We just gave Curly a bath the other day and now she's sleeping in the MUD!!! It's red mud too!!!!

Anyway I'll try to write soon!!!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Haircuts & A Naughty Kitten

Sorrrry for not posting the pictures but I've been so busy lately! The "kids" are fine, all are sleeping. It's so cold here!!! I know just the other day was extremely hot but that's how the weather is here! One day it's hot and the next day it could be cold! You sure can't predict the weather.

Yesterday was another hot day and so my Mum decided to give Curly a little haircut. We didn't think it'll be cold today but she has a very thick coat of fur, so she should be fine. Her owners are gone away for awhile so...she's bunking with us. We don't mind though and Blitzy is fascinated with her. Joshy ,well, he just doesn't care what really happens around him. As long he has food and a warm bed, he'll be fine!

Blitzy was so naughty today! We were getting ready for church and she was running around madly! She's supposed to have matured a bit, since she is over a year old but nothings really changed! Except that she does sleep a little more often now.

Okay this post is very short but I can't help it, it's time to feed the kids! The three of them are staring at me right now! Somehow, they know their feeding time!!! Byeee


Friday, November 16, 2012

Little Hunters

Hi! I'll try to post those photo's later on today or maybe tomorrow!

Hope this blog hasn't been boring so far...don't worry it'll get more interesting soon. It's been so hot lately! Blitzy is too small to go outside on her own because we have so many eagles here and she has been stalked by them ALOT. brother and I take her out twice a day and she loves it! She's still quite dependent on us.

Like I said it's been very hot and so Blitz and Joshy stay inside where it's so much cooler! Right now there's a lizard on the ceiling and poor little Blitz is trying to get to it. It's driving her crazy but there's no way to get it for her! She doesn't eat it when it's caught. She just leaves it there.

Joshy does the same thing 'cause he catches rats and field mice every day and leaves them outside the window. 

The other day, Blitzy caught her first bird! It was a swallow and she didn't want to eat it. So, we brought Joshy outside and he gratefully accepted the gift and ate it!

I'll upload the photo of the bird as soon as I can! Sorry that this post was so short but I don't have much time to write more!!!

So see ya soon!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Cheese Thief

Hello!!! I'm sorry for not posting anything yesterday but my Internet signal was sooo bad!!!! Anyway, thank you to everyone for reading my blog so far, hope it was enjoyable.

So, today it was storming and Joshy and Curly were terrified!!! However little Blitzy was not bothered at all! She hasn't experienced the dangers of it, like Joshy and Curly have. I forgot to mention in the first post that we found out only recently that Curly actually had a brother! He was knocked by a car about 6 years ago :( He was brown and black, from what I heard...Oh and Curly is just over 9 years old. That's probably what made her into such a traumatised and scared dog.

Joshy is quite a serious cat but now he's so curious as to what I'm typing, I quickly took a photo of him, right now...


How cute is he?!
The only time that he isn't serious is when he's fooloing around with his sister outside or when there's catnip in the picture AND when there's cake around! Yes, cake!!! I'm not sure why but he loves cake!

One day we were watching a movie and there was cake on the table. He came into the room and started sniffing. Then, he walked up to the table and stood on his hind legs for a long time, trying to reach the cake! We were so amazed! I did give him some after that, of course. His favourite is sponge cake. We don't give him cake with icing or anything though. He started liking cake when I used to put out the crumbs for the birds. He would trail behind me, eating it up. Curly does the same thing. Only Blitzy knows what to much cake can do for you!!! Haha...Blitzy, Curly and Joshy also all love pancakes! Especially my Mum & Dad's fruit pancakes!!!!  

There was another time when my parents made scones with cheese on top. We had a visitor in the lounge. Now, Joshy never jumped on tables or counters or anything, he was very well behaved, or so we thought. My mum just went to the kitchen and caught him in the act! He had eaten the cheese from 3 scones and was onto the 4th!!!!! Hahahaha....we had to sanatise the counters and then had to give the scones to Curly, who thought it was Christmas and gobbled it up greedily.

I'd love to put more photo's up but like I said this signal isn't so good.

On behalf of the troop and myself, byeee...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Okay, name is Sele'ha Mikhaila Dhewnarian but you can call me on whichever name you prefer, Sele'ha or Mikhaila!

Well, as I've mentioned at the top I live with my family and cats on a farm in Claridge, South Africa.
We used to live in the fast paced city of Durban but after years of praying for a farm, our prayers were answered! Our house is situated on a mission farm, called Kwa-Siza Bantu meaning "Place Where People Are Helped" in Zulu. However this is just the Claridge branch of the mission.

Anyway...when we moved here, the previous owners of the house left their cats behind because they had run away whilst the people were in the process of packing and moving. They said that if we found the cats, we could keep them or send them to the SPCA. Which of course, we did not want to do. So, after about ten days, the one cat, Joshy came home and he wasn't really that tame. That same night he did get pretty used to us and eventually, we became his owners. We never found the other cat, who was said to be a brown long-haired cat named James...shame...
Joshy is a short-haired ginger and white tabby and is about 3 years old, his presumed date of birth is March 26th. His is a HUGE breed! He also is pretty chubby. :)

After about a year or so, we assumed that Joshy might be lonely and adopted a beautiful tortoise-shell kitten. The kitten, together with his siblings were about to be sent to the SPCA because the owners of their mother could not keep them. They told us that he was 3 months old and was a male, which was we wanted. I actually wanted a female but we thought it would be better to get a male.
He was actually only about month at that point but the owners just wanted to get rid of them...So, after 5 months of thinking he was a boy, we found out that in fact, he was a girl! Yes! I was so surprised and yet so happy!!!!! Hahahahahaha...that was really something. When we introduced Joshy to Blitz, she hissed at him! Shame...he felt bad and did not try to extend another hand in friendship after that.
Okay, Blitz's full name is Blitzvinnig, the "v" is pronounced as an "f" and the "g" part is sorta pronounced with a "c" exactly the same way the Dutch pronounce "c". It's an Afrikaans (very much like Dutch) name meaning "Lighting Fast". It's very appropriate for Blitz 'cause she sure can run fast! She was born on September 10th and now she is about a year and 3 months. She is a very small breed of cat and is the size of a 3 month old kitten, if not smaller! we have an abnormally large cat and an abnormally small cat!!! Crazy, I know! :)

Joshy and Blitz did, however, get used to each other even though Blitz still irritates him just like a smaller sister would. You must see what she does, whenever he enters a room, she jumps on his back and rides him for as long as she can! It's hilarious! Joshy does not like it at all. Haha...shame, he is very tolerant with her. It took a long while but now they do occasionally snuggle up together! Even if Joshy won't admit it, he does like her and she adores him.

Our neighbours go out often and their poor little Australian Maltese Poodle, Curly, is left alone! So, we started befriending her and now she acts as if she is our dog! She is so precious to us and because she is around our cats all the time, she sorta thinks she is one. Curly cleans herself and acts typically like a cat. 

Anyway it was really nice telling you about them and thank you so much for reading my blog! I really appreciate it!!! Here are some pictures of the troop. It's in order from Joshy, Blitzy and then Curly. Bye for now! <3