Monday, November 26, 2012


Hello! today it's hot but unfortunately Blitzy can't go outside :(

So I decided to rather tell you about the "kids" funny nicknames!

Okay, we used to call Joshy on his normal name but gradually it became Joshy Woshy, Wishy Woshy, Oshy, Oosha, Big Man and Squishy! Right we just call him Oshy or Oosha. Very weird, I know but I guess everyone has an embarrassing nickname right?! Hahaha...

Blitzy, since she was the baby of the family, was called Baby which then became Bebeh and finally became Peppy! Now we call her either Peppy, Peptart, Eppy Shmep or Num Num!!! We're an odd bunch! When she's naughty, she's called on her full name, Blitzvinnig. Sometimes we call her Kitten or Kitten Face :)

And Curly...well she doesn't have many nicknames really...I just started calling her Fluffy. We also call her Fluffa or Curly Wurly. When she's naughty, I call her Curlian, which isn't actually her full name but I think it suits her.

I also have an odd nickname. My second name is Mikhaila and my friends call me Miks!! Hahaha's odd but I like it! It adds to my character!
My Grandma wanted to name me Sarah when I was born but my parents wanted me decide if wanted to do so. I think I will add it to my name! It shall be Sele'ha Mikhaila Sarah Dhewnarian! It will be a long name but hey, I don't mind!!!

Alright, so I've led you into our peculiar nicknaming world and I hope you've had a good laugh!
My Mum would probably not approve of me writing all these odd names that we call our pets on here but I think it cute. I'm sure you've given your pet an unusual nickname too...

Tot Siens!!! It means "goodbye" in Afrikaans by the way!!!

Sele'ha Mikhaila SARAH!!! Hahahaha....

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