Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Cheese Thief

Hello!!! I'm sorry for not posting anything yesterday but my Internet signal was sooo bad!!!! Anyway, thank you to everyone for reading my blog so far, hope it was enjoyable.

So, today it was storming and Joshy and Curly were terrified!!! However little Blitzy was not bothered at all! She hasn't experienced the dangers of it, like Joshy and Curly have. I forgot to mention in the first post that we found out only recently that Curly actually had a brother! He was knocked by a car about 6 years ago :( He was brown and black, from what I heard...Oh and Curly is just over 9 years old. That's probably what made her into such a traumatised and scared dog.

Joshy is quite a serious cat but now he's so curious as to what I'm typing, I quickly took a photo of him, right now...


How cute is he?!
The only time that he isn't serious is when he's fooloing around with his sister outside or when there's catnip in the picture AND when there's cake around! Yes, cake!!! I'm not sure why but he loves cake!

One day we were watching a movie and there was cake on the table. He came into the room and started sniffing. Then, he walked up to the table and stood on his hind legs for a long time, trying to reach the cake! We were so amazed! I did give him some after that, of course. His favourite is sponge cake. We don't give him cake with icing or anything though. He started liking cake when I used to put out the crumbs for the birds. He would trail behind me, eating it up. Curly does the same thing. Only Blitzy knows what to much cake can do for you!!! Haha...Blitzy, Curly and Joshy also all love pancakes! Especially my Mum & Dad's fruit pancakes!!!!  

There was another time when my parents made scones with cheese on top. We had a visitor in the lounge. Now, Joshy never jumped on tables or counters or anything, he was very well behaved, or so we thought. My mum just went to the kitchen and caught him in the act! He had eaten the cheese from 3 scones and was onto the 4th!!!!! Hahahaha....we had to sanatise the counters and then had to give the scones to Curly, who thought it was Christmas and gobbled it up greedily.

I'd love to put more photo's up but like I said this signal isn't so good.

On behalf of the troop and myself, byeee...

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