Friday, November 23, 2012

Greed and a Garden

Hi everyone!!!!!!! My internet signal seems fine now though photo's just take a little longer to load but hey, I AM living on a farm and there are lots of tree's around so of course that would affect the signal!

It's soooo hot today but Blitzy insists on sleeping on my brother's lap!!! I feed her and spend more time with her but from the time she was a kitten she would always sleep on Caleb's lap!! Only occasionaly does she sleep on my lap. When she was about month or so, she would steal things from the the house and hide it under Caleb's bed! Blitzy was especially attracted to my Mum's baby shoes that were hung up as an ornament!!! She loved those!!!

Shame, she was lonely when she was small and used to cuddle up with my tiny teddies!!! I might have told you that already! Did I? She came into the room right now with a very suspicious look on her face...Normally it means that she dropped or broke something...

Joshy is quite a greedy little child 'cause he steals food whenever he can. We used to buy this kitten dry food for Blitz and we put it in her room. Now, Joshy would be missing for quite a while and I promise you that every time we looked for him, he was in there stealing food!!! He's quite a character :)

He even steals Curly's dog food!!! Before, he used to be very fussy with his food but now he'll mow down anything!!!

Curly is also greedy and but we just put Joshy and Blitzy's food up on a counter or something and shame...she can't jump up. My Mum and Dad started planting alot of things now!!! We've got all sorts of veg and flowers! The other day, they planted some roses and the very next day, Curly tramped on 4!!! Mum said she didn't understand but I think she knew what she was doing because she kept looking at us and then running straight into it!! She didn't get poked or anything though. Now she seems fine and she walks only at the edge of the patch. Curly's very smart!

Bye for now guys!!!!

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