Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hi there!!! Soooo....guess what?! I'm uploading the photo's!!!!!! Yay!!! 

Ok, Blitzy always copies Joshy and here are are two pics of her doing so. However he didn't know that she was in his basket. If he did, he'd probably lash out at her! Yeah, they have an on and off relationship. Sometimes, on very rare occasions when it's freezing cold, he would let her curl up with him in his basket! Those are really treasured moments to us. :)

In the first photo, I called them for their food and they both turned! How cute!!!

Joshy also started copying her now because the other day Blitzy jumped up onto a bench and before I could scold her, Joshy did the same! Yes, he changed a lot from that reserved and well behaved child when Blitzy came! 

You've gotta see how they play tag outside!!! It's hilarious! Blitzy weaves in and out of the plants but Joshy destroys plants on purpose! We've witnessed it ourselves. Somehow he knows which are ours and which are not 'cause Joshy does not destroy our own plants! He's incredibly smart! 

Yesterday, I saw a little Tomato growing on our plant!!! I was overjoyed! Now I know how farmers feel. I mean, we planted that when it just a small little seedling and now it has fruit already! Yes, tomatoes are a fruit.

Curly is digging a hole in our beautiful yard right now! It's a dog thing, no matter how much she tries to act like a cat, she is still a dog at the end of day!
Caught in the act!

Our school holidays started! only ends in mid-January! Not sure of the actual date though...
Anyway dear friends, I must leave you all now!!!
Farewell my lovelies!!! 
Mikhaila xoxo

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