Sunday, September 27, 2015

More Malelane Photo's

Here are some more photo's :

Grace's class, it's called Step by Step, she proudly showed me around!!

This dog looks just like Lassie, her name is Smartie and is just shorter and fatter!


Trip To Malelane & Tired Missionaries :)


It feels like ages since I uploaded a post.....well, we had such a blessed week!
Oom Peet asked Caleb and I if we'd like to go to the Schulzendal Mission in Malelane! You can imagine our reaction, we were so happy and accepted the offer immediately! Malelane is 10 hour's away by car which is looooong but so well worth it! Those that went were Boet Sizwe and his wife Sis' Fikile, Bongnkosi, Lihle, Ayanda, Caleb and myself! The Zulu people use "Boet" and "Sis" before the names for respect. We left on Sunday morning at 6 and stayed until Thursday, quite short. We all went to preach at the schools in that area and to invite them to come to the upcoming Youth Conference at Schulzendal Mission. It was such a lovely experience! Most of us had spoken in schools previously but the schools here do not allow you to mention God or Jesus and in Malelane, we could! They were more open to hearing God's Word.

I stayed with 2 other girls and 1 Auntie from the main mission in Kranskop. I really enjoyed my time there! Wow, the people are so dedicated! A team from the main mission also came to speak in the schools, it was many young men from Concerned Community, they have all been delivered from drug abuse and are now Christians, saved and preaching His Word! I woke up at 4 every morning whilst I was there! We left at 6 for the schools but I wanted to shower before the bathrooms got busy!! On Monday, Lihle and I helped around the mission where we could and we also visited the mission school, it is so beautiful! Sis' Makhosi (who is actually from Claridge but moved there in January to teach) took me on a lovely walk around the farm, her little daughter Grace came with. She is 3 years old and so cute! All of us at Claridge really miss Gracie's loud and sweet personality!! That evening, Uncle John Powys (the head of that mission) took a short devotion, it was just what we needed to hear!

We went to the schools everyday whilst we were there but we had to leave early to speak during assembly time. Some of the high schools were writing exams and just gave us a few minutes to speak. On Tuesday, the whole mission went to an outreach open air service, I enjoyed it so much!! You know, in Claridge, it is different. When we go to outreaches in the areas close by, some people are poor but not as poor as in that area so, it was a good experience for us to reach out to them.

On Wednesday, I got to preach!!! The people in that area are not Zulu's, they're Seswati but I heard that the language is quite close to Zulu. So, I preached in English and Lihle translated it into Zulu which they understood. The whole mission was supposed to visit the hospital but a big storm came and we had to cancel it! It got really windy and wet!!! Instead, everybody got together and Uncle John spoke a bit and then handed it over to 3 young men from Concerned Community who gave their testimonies about how Jesus Christ changed their lives. Everyone also said goodbye to us that evening.

A group from the mission school were also leaving at 6 the next morning for a trip, I heard that they were travelling 8 hours away. So, we got to still bid farewell then!!
Ahhhh....we were all quite sad to leave! It was such blessing to be there and also to meet some new friends and see some old ones too!
We were tired when we finally arrived in Claridge! We usually have devotion every evening at the Main house (Bible House) but last night, the 7 of us who went to Malelane spoke about our trip and our time there.

Anyway, there are many photo's that I took of our time at Schulzendal Mission but I can only upload a few! Enjoy!
I think this was a nice long post. ;)

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡

Our mission's logo.

Sign for Schulzendal Mission

The building where Sis' Makhosi and Grace stay, it's still in renovation.

The pots for cooking during the conference.

The dining hall

The school's jungle gym

Inside one classroom 

In the big learning center

Part of the massive dam there!

Gus the big but friendly dog.

Inside the staff room at the school 

The fields

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Blitzy's 4th Birthday :)

Hey everybody, it was Blitzy's "birthday" on the 10th and we baked a cake.....okay, we were also just feeling for cake ;)

I baked it and my Mum did the icing, it was beautiful! It's a checkerboard cake, I saw how it was done a while ago, usually a chocolate and vanilla cake is used but I just made it pink and blue.....a whimsical look for Blitzy. ;)

Here are the photo's, enjoy!

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡

Monday, September 7, 2015

Birthday Celebrations and a Beautiful Restaurant :)


So, today is my Mom's birthday and it is also Tannie Andra's birthday, coincidentally! Yesterday, we had such a lovely day, after church, they served cake and everything was so nice! A few people spoke about both of them and their were two choirs too. :) 

Anyway, later on, we took my Mom out to the Wartburg Hof for dinner! It is such a beautiful place, we used to live in Wartburg when my brother and I were just tiny tots. ;)
This restaurant is also a hotel, I absolutely love the theme of the place. Wartburg is a little German town, it's so quaint, everybody knows everybody and it's now mostly farmers living in that area. Just take a look at the photo's, it has memorabilia from the olden days, like the 1800's. I should've taken more photo's! Oh, there was this really chubby kitty there too! We thought that perhaps she was pregnant but the lady says that she is just fat! Apparently, she eats all the time! Maybe Joshy isn't so greedy afterall! ;)

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡

Here is a beautiful gift from Oom Peet and Tannie Andra, they sent the card on the right too. I made the card on the left.

This is Malva Pudding with custard and ice-cream. I thought it was a worldwide dessert but I heard recently that it is traditionally South African! Just like Milk Tart is proudly South African. Well, if you haven't tasted this, you're sure missing out!!
My brother's choice of dessert....waffle with syrup and ice-cream. Yum!

My meal, although I couldn't finish it all!!

The chubby kitty! She's really more fat in person!
 Curly at home.

                   This photo is so dark but it is Blitzy sitting at her heater in our hallway and peeping through the fins!