Monday, October 24, 2016

A New Video

Hey guys! I've uploaded a new video on YouTube of a naughty but cute cat at Longmarket Veterinary Clinic. We took Curly and Blitz to get their vaccines a while ago and I forgot to upload this video then. Click here to see that post.

God bless,

Sele'ha Mikhaila

Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Scratcher, a Special Cake & Some Pelmeni

Hey there!

It's time for another blog post, actually it's overdue....hehe ;)

A couple weeks ago, when my parents bought some stuff for Blitzy, the pet shop assistant mentioned that they could enter a competition to win a unique scratching toy for cats. So they entered away!
Last week, they phoned to say that we had won the competition! Blitzy received the scratcher! We had rarely won competitions in the past, especially pet related things, so this was great! My parents brought the scratcher home, it came with a packet of catnip but we decided to let her try it without the catnip first.....she is not too crazy about catnip unlike Joshy who LOVES it! She would generally roll around a lot when catnip is presented to her but after a while, she'd lose interest in it. Anyway, we set the scratcher down and she immediately sniffed it out and then proceeded to hop on top of it and....she began to scratch on it! Amazing!
Now, I know that this doesn't sound like something spectacular to those of you who don't understand Blitzy and Joshy....but they have never really used scratching posts. We bought a stand-up post a few years ago and Joshy used it once or twice and then never touched it again! Blitzy would just drop it down and sit on it. However with this one, she uses it everyday, as soon as she wakes up, during the day and before bed! I'd love to say that she stopped scratching our couches, carpets and chairs but that didn't happen! The scratcher is just added to the list of things that she sharpens her claws on. Hopefully, in time, she'd just use the scratcher!
Oh! Blitzy's not the only one who investigated the new "toy", Joshy came into my room and just curled up on it, preparing to sleep! We had to take him off otherwise Blitzy might not use it again. Curly is kind of oblivious to it until she walks right into it, which she has done a couple times. :D

It was Aunt Sivi's birthday on Monday, so, my Mum and I made a cupcake cake for her, in the shape of a cross. It looked great! We made it bright green, which is Aunty's favorite color. ;) She loved the cake! Cupcake cakes are really popular now, one can be quite creative with the design of the cake. We have also made a princess dress cake before, click here to see.
We also took Aunty Sivi out for dinner on Monday too, the food was good and it was an all round enjoyable evening.
On anther note, my Uncle has now been moved to a special hospital in Durban, he'll be there for roughly 2 weeks and can then move back home! The Lord is certainly good! It's still a long journey ahead for him but at least he's making improvement.

Blitzy has got a new habit of sleeping between the curtain and the window in the scullery. She hasn't been outside in ages and that's the closest thing to being outside for her, I guess. My Dad will install the gates on the deck soon and then she can go out whenever she pleases.  
Yesterday, Caleb and I decided to make some Pelmeni! It's the Russian version of Ravioli basically, delicious! We made it from scratch although it sure does take time but I thinks it's worth it! We made a sauce to go with it but it's also nice with sour cream, yum!

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila :)

Joshy loves this plastic cover for some reason!

Blitzy using her new scratcher!

Joshy tried to claim it

The cupcake cake that we made

It's a cross

The cupcake holder that my grandparents bought!

This is how she looks from outside

So uncomfortable!


Blitzy caught drinking from Joshy's water bowl!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Students, a Shelter & a Spectacular Museum

Greetings dear readers!

I must apologize for the long wait! Things have been hectic during this last week, Caleb and our Dad embarked on a new project outside. They have built a shelter for part of the deck and it only took them 2 and a half days! :)
Even though they had some minor setbacks along the way. We thank the Lord for blessing us with this!
I'm pretty sure we'd use it a lot during the Christmas holidays and other future holidays! My parents are going to work more from home now, so that's also another reason for building the shelter, it's really peaceful to work outside.
Curly and Joshy insisted on being outside the entire time that Caleb and my Dad worked! It was so loud at times with the drilling but that certainly didn't phase them!

This year is coming to an end so quickly! Some of the students from Cedar College, at the main mission, came to Claridge for about a week. It was a blessing to have them here because most of our youth went to KSB Schulzendal  in Malelane. They went to assist with the youth services there. So, the college students could help with the work in Claridge. I took a walk with some of them and we had a wonderful time together! I must admit that I haven't had a proper long walk in a while. We used to walk like everyday before but not so much anymore, it's kinda terrible actually! There's nothing like a good walk to get your muscles moving and your heart thumping, one feels so good afterwards, at least I do! ;) We usually take Curly with us when we walk but she is getting older and I don't want to strain her, she'll keep walking as long as you do even though you can see that she's exhausted! She does need exercise but not a very loooong walk.
My Dad is going to install some gates onto the deck so that we can let Blitzy out without worry about dogs or other animals chasing her, she can be safe on the deck and anyway, most of the dogs here are afraid of Joshy and Blitzy! She'd be elated to go out again!

Joshy is a bit wary of this newfangled shelter and only uses it when he thinks that we can't see him doing so. Whenever we go outside, he quickly goes to a spot away from the shelter, to show his distrust of it. Cats do not like change! This was his initial attitude towards the deck when my Dad had just built it, he didn't like it then! Now......he loves sunbathing on it!

On Saturday, we went to the museum! We were kids the last time we went there, it was so nice to visit again. We love looking at old relics and stuff from the old times, it was also amazing to see the different animals. When we lived in Durban, we often went to the museum there. My parents had a catering and training business then and so they would do their training sessions in the auditorium at the City Hall Museum. Caleb and I would help my Mum with the catering part upstairs at the café area. They worked every Saturday morning, so we got to experience the museum every week, we loved it!
Anyway, the museum we visited on Saturday is a different one, not the one in Durban.
That evening, we celebrated Lungi's 21st birthday with a surprise supper at Bible House! If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'd know that I mentioned Lungi a couple times, she is a student at Cedar College but is from our congregation. She is finishing her 3rd year of studying. Lungi's favorite color is yellow and coincidentally, most of the decor was yellow, even the juice! It fit perfectly! My favorite color is also yellow, although I do love aqua too! Anyway, it was a lovely evening! The girls decorated the hall beautifully...they used fairy lights and it was so special. Juliana Matveyuk made a delicious "pineapple dessert". She didn't know the name of this dessert so we had to invent one on the spot.....quite original, hey? You see, even the dessert was yellow! Juliana is a 2nd year student at the college (CCE) and is Russian. I got to use a bit of Russian with her!

Oh! I found some time to do a bit of crocheting too, it's actually quite relaxing....sort of. I still love it! I know I promised to pick up my Mum's old knitting needles and to get started with knitting but.....I'll have to tackle that sometime in the near future.

God bless!
Sele'ha Mikhaila Dhew

Curly loves to ruffle her covers up!

A pair of tiny baby booties which I crocheted 

I also crocheted this quick coin purse

The lovely shelter/roof!

Curly inspecting the final product

The dining hall at Bible House, so beautiful!

The girls table

The dessert that Juliana made

One of our dams at Claridge 

Overlooking the dragonfruit fields