Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas in Claridge

Merry Christmas!!!

I know I'm a little late but now was the only chance that I could get to post this! ;)

I got 1001 pageviews!!!! Thank you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had such a wonderful Christmas! I took many photo's of the food but unfortunately it's on our camera and I haven't uploaded them onto this laptop yet! I'll show you my phone photo's though! My grandparents arrived on the 21st and they're still here with us enjoying their holiday!

Joshy was so well behaved! He didn't try to steal any meat! There was just one thing that was too tempting for him, chocolate sponge cake! He tried to take off the cover we had over it but thankfully, I quickly noticed it and took him away!

Curly got some treats and she refused to eat dinner or breakfast the next day! So, I had to force feed her by hand! She wasn't sick or anything because she greedily ate up her treats or biscuits!

Blitzy didn't try to climb the tree although she was keep attempting to chew on the Christmas lights! She wasn't getting that much attention since my grandparents are here and she insists on sleeping on me whenever she can!

I trust that everyone reading this had a lovely Christmas too!

Much love and God bless,

Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hot Weather and Happy Days

Hello my friends!

Christmas is only a few days away! I can't believe how quickly another year flew by! I just thought I'd give you a short update.

Our grandparents arrived yesterday and they'll be here for Christmas and perhaps a few days after too, then, normally our cousins come over on the 26th.

Joshy, Curly and Blitzy are so used to the house being full during the festive season. Right now, little Blitzy is sleeping on her table in the sun.

It finally warmed up and summer has kicked in!

Sorry that it's so short ;)

God bless,

Sele'ha Mikhaila


Curly jumped up onto the sofa to see her brother! How naughty are these two?!

 Look at this little king --->



 I just LOVE this picture!!


 Little Blitzy peeping into the Zulu pot.
Look what the elves brought in!! Hahaha...Blitzy jumped into our gift bag.

One of the trees growing in this beautiful mist...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Festive Season and Fussy Kitties

Hi friends,

I seriously cannot wait until Christmas!!! It's going to be so special with such special people...Oh and the Christmas tree is up! It looks absolutely beautiful! I would upload a photo but I think I'll keep it as a surprise until Christmas day! ;)

It's strange that's it's so cold still but I pray that on Christmas day it'll be nice and warm.

Curly had another trim and bath and she looks so different now. In a good way, I guess!

Joshy is so independent, he comes in and goes straight to "his" room and sleeps the entire day! My Mum gave Blitzy a little round basket and she loves it!!! It's so cold and her heater is on but she insists on sleeping in her little basket in my room where it's freezing!

This is Blitzy's 3rd Christmas with us but of course, she's only 2 yrs and 4 months old! She was just 4 months old when she had her first Christmas.

My grandparents are coming to stay over for this festive time and then my cousins will probably come on the 26th and it'll be so lovely!

I will definitely upload photo's of the delicious stuff that we'll make on Christmas day and of the tree!

Take a look at the 2 photo's that I uploaded, it's a loaf of delicious bread and some chocolate muffins with pecan nuts that we baked! :)

Until next time,

Thank you and God bless!

Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx


Monday, December 9, 2013

They're Not Perfect but We Love Them!!!


Our holidays have started and I couldn't be any happier!!!

The Christmas spirit is in the air and we haven't even put up our Christmas tree yet! I know, I know, it's so late already but with all the renovations going on at home, we just didn't get a chance to put it up!

Curly just had a bath not too long ago and she has already rolled in the mud and gotten dirty! Well, as much as she tries to be a cat, dogs will ALWAYS be dogs!

Joshy is really persistent with this "sofa-sitting' nonsense! There's one other thing that he does which is very naughty, when it's raining, he would meow at the window sending us into a flurry to bring him in, wipe his feet and dry him and then he would race back to the window!!! He stays for just a minute or two! I can't understand what goes on in that little Tabby's mind but I guess that's why we love him!

We haven't taken little Blitzy on a walk for a few days now...shame! Do you remember? We have to "escort" her outside twice a day because the eagles have tried to snatch her up since she's so small! Normally, she really makes a fuss about not going outside but since it's been so cold, she hasn't complained at all! As long as we switch on her little heater, she's as happy as mouse in a cheese factory! Hahaha yes, that was a lame comparison but I couldn't think of anything better on the spot!


Sorry to end off so abruptly but I really have to go now!

God bless!

Sele'ha Mikhaila



Monday, December 2, 2013

Snuggling Up and a Super Warm Poodle!

Hey everybody!!!

It is cold, misty and rainy here!!! It's actually odd weather for December though!

I cannot believe that we're already in December again! There's basically 3 weeks 'til Christmas. Today, my parents bought some beautiful decorations for our fire place. I'll upload some photo's as soon as the decorations are up! Curly had a trim but since this cold weather came, I decided to give her a vest to wear! The end result was....a super adorable little poodle! She looks too cute wearing it and she likes it too!

Blitzy is snuggled up in front of the heater next to her big brother, Joshy. When we adopted her, I thought that those two would never get along and that we'd never see them snuggling together because Joshy didn't like her at first! I'm just glad they're bonding!

THANK YOU so much for all the pageviews! I'm ever grateful!

Sorry for the short post :(

God bless,

Sele'ha Mikhaila