Saturday, April 27, 2013

Photo's Part 2 :)

Here are the rest of the photo's :)

 Joshy and Blitzy in front of the sweet is this? <3

Curly in her new basket with a new blanket :)

 Joshy and Blitzy or as we call them
                                                            "Oshy and Peppy"

< --- Awww :)

Yes, they are getting chubbier --- >

  Look!!! It's Mrs Claus! Hahaha <3

Thank you for reading!

God Bless, Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

Photo's Part 1 :)

Hi everybody!!!

Hope that your week has been lovely, mine was super busy but good!
I've got loads of photo's this time!

I'll separate them into 2 diffferent posts :)

 Here's little Curly in a blanket...awww <3 x


 Blitzy on the curtain rail...again! --- >

Joshy :)

Curly at the bottom...more pics in the next post!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunsets, Satisfied dogs and Sweet Kitties :) x


School has started and it is FREEZING cold!!! Just a few days ago, it was so nice and warm but winter is here to stay!

Anyway we are still pet-sitting Nero, Kenzo, Roxy and the cats of course!!!

Yesterday, Roxy ripped both Kenzo's bed and her bed to shreds!! It had to be thrown away! Roxy is missing her owners so much...she even destroyed a pot plant, chewed the front of someone's boots and tried to eat a peg!!! I had to shove my hand into her mouth to retrieve the wet peg...

Kenzo is like a big bear but he is so cute and friendly!!! He's just like Joshy! Roxy, like Blitzy, eats her food very slowly and Kenzo, like Joshy, gobbles up his food and rushes to eat Roxy's food!!!

Nero is happier now and he is running around like a puppy outside!!! He gets so happy when you give him attention, he rolls over and acts so adorable!!! I never knew he had a sensitive side :)

Here are some pictures of them and of the farm at sunset!!!

I took a walk with two amazing girls! One is from Germany, she is a Russian German and the other one is a Dutch girl!!!

Anyway, bye for now!!!!

Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

Here are our kids, look at the way Blitzy and Joshy stare at Curly!!!

 How beautiful is this dam at sunset?
 More landscape pictures :)
This is the road we walked on! The clouds look  breathtaking here...
 Some of the Dragon Fruit plants --->

Nero!!! Can you see how well Curly and Nero get along?!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ownership And Pet-Sitting :)

Hey there!

It's the last few days of the holiday, sadly!

I've got some exciting news!!!!
We adopted Curly! It's a long story but she is finally ours now!

So, my parents friends, (They're in charge of this branch of KSB and are the pastors) have gone to America for a whole month!!

We suggested that we look after and feed their pets! They have three dogs, one is a Chihuahua named Nero, then there is a black Labrador named Kenzo and Roxy (I think she's also a Labrador) but she is still a puppy! They also have two cats, Carter and Katinka (I have no idea how to spell it!)

They are adorable and so well-behaved!!!!

Here is Kenzo :)


And little Nero, shame he is so down and depressed that his "Mummy and Daddy" aren't here!

It is so hard to get a picture of these two sitting still! They're always so excited and jumping up and acting so sweet! Yes, Roxy is standing ontop of her big brother! Shame, Kenzo had a brother named Bastiaan, a Great Dane but sadly he passed away! So then, Roxy was adopted!!!
Ahh but it is so nice to babysit these loving little kids! I should rather say "pet-sit"!!!   My Dad is taking them on a walk everyday :)

Anyway, much love and God bless!!!

Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Egg's, Eating and Extra Big Baskets!

Hey everyone :)

So, another week has passed and it's still the holidays by the way!!!

Winter is slowly creeping in...time for hot chocolate, hot baked desserts, cuddling up in front of the fireplace or heater and just enjoying ourselves!

Blitzy loves the heater, she hogs it all winter!! That is the only time that she will be quiet and sleep for the whole day!

We decided to give Curly, Joshy's basket (the big one) and we'll buy him a new one!!! He was fine with it 'cause now he sleeps in his own room all day!

Here are some of the Easter photo's :)

Curly and Blitzy having fun with the Easter Egg's!!! We didn't give them any though!

 Yes, that's Blitzy sitting in the Easter Egg box!!!
 First, she sniffs it...
 Then she bursts out laughing!!!
And finally the adorable little poodle grin!!! Can you see those uneven teeth? Somebody needs braces...hahaha
 Mum and Dad made a ginger and honey cake!-->

 Blitzy in front of the heater! Look at that smile...