Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunsets, Satisfied dogs and Sweet Kitties :) x


School has started and it is FREEZING cold!!! Just a few days ago, it was so nice and warm but winter is here to stay!

Anyway we are still pet-sitting Nero, Kenzo, Roxy and the cats of course!!!

Yesterday, Roxy ripped both Kenzo's bed and her bed to shreds!! It had to be thrown away! Roxy is missing her owners so much...she even destroyed a pot plant, chewed the front of someone's boots and tried to eat a peg!!! I had to shove my hand into her mouth to retrieve the wet peg...

Kenzo is like a big bear but he is so cute and friendly!!! He's just like Joshy! Roxy, like Blitzy, eats her food very slowly and Kenzo, like Joshy, gobbles up his food and rushes to eat Roxy's food!!!

Nero is happier now and he is running around like a puppy outside!!! He gets so happy when you give him attention, he rolls over and acts so adorable!!! I never knew he had a sensitive side :)

Here are some pictures of them and of the farm at sunset!!!

I took a walk with two amazing girls! One is from Germany, she is a Russian German and the other one is a Dutch girl!!!

Anyway, bye for now!!!!

Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

Here are our kids, look at the way Blitzy and Joshy stare at Curly!!!

 How beautiful is this dam at sunset?
 More landscape pictures :)
This is the road we walked on! The clouds look  breathtaking here...
 Some of the Dragon Fruit plants --->

Nero!!! Can you see how well Curly and Nero get along?!

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