Monday, May 27, 2013

Birthday Girls :) x

Hello, hello!!!

So, like I've mentioned before, it's my birthday and also Curly's!! Wait until you here's also my Gran's birthday and my Grand-Aunt's (my Gran's sister) birthday!!!! Hahaha how crazy is that?!

Anyway, here are the photo's from the weekend! :D


Curly with her birthday cupcake! We had to cut off the chocolate part because chocolate is bad for dogs!
 Little Red Riding Hood >>>
 Lazy little Joshy!
 <<< My special little girls!
Look at how her fur colour is dark and then her little head is ginger! She is too cute!!!
Hmmm....someone is overstepping their boundaries!!!! She is not allowed to sleep on the bed but try telling her that!
Another naughty child, he is waiting for his food on a chair!!!
Look at these two! >>>

A Very Merry Weekend :)


Sorry that I'm only posting something now!

These few days have been so hectic!! Today is my birthday and we've been celebrating it over the weekend! Like I've said before, we celebrate Curly's birthday today as well!!! I'm not sure how old she really is though, a woman never reveals her age, hey?! Hahaha...

I'll write about my birthday in the next post but here are some photo's of the kids and also of Kenzo and Roxy :) x

Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

 <--- Blitzy adoring her big brother :)

Blitzy blending in with her surroundings and then sleeping :)
 Curly with a leash on...looking not so happy!

 Curly and Joshy sharing a meal...
The sisters relaxing >>>

 A laughing poodle! Below is a picture of the girls on the walk!

 Kenzo!!!!! The second photo is of Kenzo running with a glove in his mouth and little Roxy chasing him!

My little princess at the computer >>>

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Naughty Poodles, Healthy Tabby's and a Mischevious Kitten!!!

Hello dear friends!!!

Sorry that this post was a little late but our weekend was hectic! My Mum is tutoring some students at our house and it wasn't exactly the right time to sit down and type a post...hahaha...

Joshy has completely recovered and Blitzy and Curly are both fine!

Curly's fur has grown so much since her last visit to the dog parlour. She needs to go again soon but we won't trim her fur too much since it's still cold here.

The other day, we took Blitzy on her usual walk, Curly raced off towards the main house on the farm named Bible House. So, I had to follow her and Caleb was left alone with little Blitz.

Anyway, when I arrived with Curly, Caleb and Blitzy were heading towards the end of our yard. As soon as I came near to her, Blitzy ran in one sprint to the end of KSB land and onto the train tracks!!! We tried to catch her but she is just too fast for us!

She then raced to the driveway of the next farm, which is a horse farm. Blitzy crawled through the bushes and it was getting really dark! So, I ran home to call my Dad since you should be cautious on a farm in any case. When we got back, she had went further into the bushes.

We started praying for her to turn around and go home, it got so dark that my Dad said that I should head on home and my brother will stay with him. You see, like I've mentioned before, Blitzy was born and raised as a domesticated house cat. She's never been outside on her own, so she doesn't know the dangers of dogs, monkeys, eagles and so many other things.

My Mum and I prayed some more and before we knew it, my brother and my Dad were knocking on our front door carrying that mischevious little kitten we know and love!!!! God is truly amazing and never ceases to amazes us in every area of our lives! Praise and honour be to our saviour, Jesus Christ!

Curly has been so naughy lately!!! On Wednesday, we go to a Bible Study and we have to leave the kids at home. When we got back, we found Curly on the sofa, she's been doing that often and once she did it in front of me!!!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, it means SO much to me!

Loads of love

Sele'ha Mikhaila


See what I mean? She doesn't even look guilty and she's on my Mum's most treasured sofa!
<--- Here, she's eating a bone!!
The kids in front of their heater!!!
The little one on her chair in her own room which is ALSO my room!
It was Mothers Day last week Sunday and my Mum made burfee with us!! It's a very rich and delicious cold dessert.

Blitzy's peeping into my Mum's kist :)
<-- The poodle enjoying the sun!

Blitzy and Joshy always climb up into our fireplace and I suppose Curly got curious as to what they were doing up there!! How cute is she?!

Awww --->

My Mum bought a new mat to put in our lounge and Curly took it as her own! She is so wild with it! Can you see how she ruffled it up and moved it to the centre of the lounge?

Here, Blitzy is playing with a toy lizard! She has caught so many real ones and she loves this little toy. She is naughty though because whenever Curly is sleeping on the floor beneath, Blitzy swipes this lizard off the top and onto Curly or onto her basket!!!!
She's holding it here! :D

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Walk At Sunset...

Hello :)

So, it's really cold here! Our pet-sitting is over but we can still take Kenzo, Roxy and Curly on walks!

We usually just take the girls, Blitzy and Curly, on a walk because Joshy is generally sleeping inside! He comes with us sometimes though, this is one of those times, when he is with us.

Do you remember that I mentioned that little Joshy had an abcess? Well, it burst and we had to take hime to the vet for a check-up and for an oinment or cream to treat it. What a trip that was!!! He is like a wild animal when you put him in a cage! Shame, he's fine now though :)

Here are a whole load of pictures of them :D