Saturday, May 4, 2013

Walks, Weak Joshy and a Wild Kitten!


So, it's about a week left until our "pet-sitting" is over and I sure am going to miss feeding them and taking them on walks!!

It's so enjoyable taking Kenzo, Roxy and Nero on a walk!

Nero is so small and often gets shoved and pushed but he stands his ground and Kenzo and Roxy respect him SO much!!!

Our kids are fine, it's just that Joshy had an abscess of some sort on the side of his neck and it burst but there are like 3 deep wounds almost like teeth marks or something on that spot! It's the weirdest thing, we havn't taken him to the vet because taking him anywhere is like trying take a wild animal!! He gets so frantic and tries to get out of his cage that he hurts himself in the process! Shame, so we prayed over him and are trusting God for healing in him.

Blitzy loves to play and was trying to get me to play with her! She was hiding behind the bed and lashing out! She also does that on the side of the wall but when you play with her, you'll definitly come out with scratches!!! She plays so roughly but that's just how she is. It's a good thing that she stayed the size of a kitten otherwise her scratches sure would hurt!

Curly is just being Curly, sleeping and eating and sleeping some more...hahaha

Here are some photo's :) x

I'll add the other photo's of Kenzo, Nero and Roxy in a new post because for some reason it's not loading this way...

Sele'ha Mikhaila



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