Monday, May 27, 2013

Birthday Girls :) x

Hello, hello!!!

So, like I've mentioned before, it's my birthday and also Curly's!! Wait until you here's also my Gran's birthday and my Grand-Aunt's (my Gran's sister) birthday!!!! Hahaha how crazy is that?!

Anyway, here are the photo's from the weekend! :D


Curly with her birthday cupcake! We had to cut off the chocolate part because chocolate is bad for dogs!
 Little Red Riding Hood >>>
 Lazy little Joshy!
 <<< My special little girls!
Look at how her fur colour is dark and then her little head is ginger! She is too cute!!!
Hmmm....someone is overstepping their boundaries!!!! She is not allowed to sleep on the bed but try telling her that!
Another naughty child, he is waiting for his food on a chair!!!
Look at these two! >>>

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