Friday, November 16, 2012

Little Hunters

Hi! I'll try to post those photo's later on today or maybe tomorrow!

Hope this blog hasn't been boring so far...don't worry it'll get more interesting soon. It's been so hot lately! Blitzy is too small to go outside on her own because we have so many eagles here and she has been stalked by them ALOT. brother and I take her out twice a day and she loves it! She's still quite dependent on us.

Like I said it's been very hot and so Blitz and Joshy stay inside where it's so much cooler! Right now there's a lizard on the ceiling and poor little Blitz is trying to get to it. It's driving her crazy but there's no way to get it for her! She doesn't eat it when it's caught. She just leaves it there.

Joshy does the same thing 'cause he catches rats and field mice every day and leaves them outside the window. 

The other day, Blitzy caught her first bird! It was a swallow and she didn't want to eat it. So, we brought Joshy outside and he gratefully accepted the gift and ate it!

I'll upload the photo of the bird as soon as I can! Sorry that this post was so short but I don't have much time to write more!!!

So see ya soon!!!!

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