Saturday, June 8, 2013

Not So Curly Anymore!!!


Yesterday we took Curly for a little haircut! She was feeling so hot with her long fur and it was hard for my Mum to dry her after her bath or when she walked on wet grass. So, we took her in our car and she was surprisingly calm! She got a little nervous but then she was fine! It was her first car ride with us.

Joshy and Curly are so close now! He lets her sniff him all over and gives her privileges that he doesn't even give to his little sister, Blitzy!
 Just look at how Blitzy is sleeping!!!!
 <<< Can you spot her?

 My little boy, Joshy...

 My Mum was rearranging some furniture and little Blitzy got so curious! She was wondering what was going on!

Joshy is scrunching his little face up as he's eating. Can you see the ash on his face? Their is a sugar cane farm next to us and they were burning the cane. He must have went there!
This is what I mean, Curly showers him with love and attention!
 Joshy in the hallway of or house.
 More inspecting by Curly.

 Blitzy getting into all sorts of places!!!

In the next photo, Curly is staring at Joshy eating his food! Both Blitzy and her love to stare at him!

Curly in the car! This is before her trim...
and after!!!! She looks so different! We didn't want her to get trimmed too much because it is still winter.
She doesn't look too happy though!

Loads of love and God bless,

Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

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