Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cakes, Curly and Chilling...

Hey! So here are those highly anticipated photo's from last week! Sorry that it took a while but I tried!

It's the holidays now! Three whole weeks without school!!!! Hahaha can you blame me for being happy?!

We really enjoy taking Roxy and Kenzo out for a walk! Roxy was born at the beginning of October 2012 and Kenzo was born on the 8th of August 2010! They are both younger than Joshy but so much bigger than him!!!

I'm not sure how old Nero is but if I remember correctly, I was told that he was born between 2001-2002 :) Yes, he is quite old but soooo cute!!!

Much love,

Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

 <<< My little Blitzy in our yard! That's our house!!!!

 <<< How gorgeous is this pic?
 Roxy, the little black labrador!!! She LOVES bottles and I quickly took a photo of her! Isn't she just too cute?
 Peek-A-Boo!!! >>>
 This little girl was feeling cold and so we covered her up in a warm blanky <3 x
 Whenever we take Roxy and Kenzo on a walk, our kids get so sad at home. My Dad took this photo and said that they act as if we'll never come back! Shame...I love these little babies >>>

This is how Blitzy sleeps!!! Not too flattering!
 Another photo of this little acrobat child!
 Awwww >>>
 Curly and Joshy on the carpet...
My two girls waiting for us to come back from our walk with Kenzo and Roxy! They camp out at the window or at the door!
 My Mum baked 2 cakes, 40 cupcakes and lots of sweet treats for little Grace's 1st birthday! Do you remember that I mentioned her party in my last post?

 Choc-Mint cake!! Yum!
 The butterfly birthday cake for little Grace!!!
Above this pic is Kenzo!! He is adorable! Here are my kids!

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