Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beds and a Beautiful Desk!


This week has been so lovely and cold! My parents took me to furniture store and told me to choose out a desk for myself! So, I chose a beautiful dark wooden desk/dressing table! It has a huge circle-shaped mirror! I love it!!! My brother didn't want anything, boys will be boys! Hahaha...

Blitzy and Joshy both got new beds, they're so soft and comfy! We didn't get one for Curly because she already has a new basket, remember?

The signal has been so erratic lately so I won't be able to post any photo's sadly! Sorry!

Blitzy was supposed to go to the vet for her vaccinations on the 28th of June but I clean forgot! She didn't have an appointment or anything though. It was just that last year she went to get spayed and her vet said that she must be back in a year and he gave that date. So, we'll take her on Friday because my parents have been super busy with work that they hardly get a chance to fit in things like this but it's important so it'll get done!

I was just glancing at my page view count and saw that it was 619!!! Wow, that's amazing!!! Thank you SO much!!!! It means a whole lot to me! My goal is to get it to 1 000! Think you could help me? Yes? Well then, please tell everyone you know to check out my blog! That's all! Hahaha it would be much appreciated...

Anyway, I must be off now,

Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

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