Sunday, July 14, 2013

Vet Trip, Vicious Poodle and a Very Sleepy Tabby :) x

Hello hello :D

On the 27th of July there is gonna be snow in Claridge!!! That's quite something since I've never seen snow in Claridge yet, I'm not sure if it's ever snown here.

The other day, Blitzy caught a mouse all on her own!!! It was a field mouse and it's the same size mice that Joshy catches! I don't how she caught it but she emerged from this rock place with this mouse in her mouth! It was so big and she had to drag it! Before she could do anything, Curly snatched it from her and killed it viciously! I've never seen that side of Curly before. She is so protective over Blitzy and probably thought that the mouse would hurt her! Mice are so sweet though, they're not cheeky like rats!

Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

Blitzy in her carry-box on her way to the vet! >>

Fooling around in the sun! She just loves her room (which is actually mine)!!

Joshy in some crazy sleeping position! >>

Curly was rolling around in a heap of sawdust  shavings! Can you see it in her fur? It was such a big thing to comb it out of her fur!!!
Blitzy camouflaged in the tree amid all the branches and leaves :)
The mouse that Blitzy caught compared to my brother's shoe! >> 
Here are two pics of Blitzy playing around in her carry-box at home :)

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