Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bee's, Busy Blitzy & A Battered Tabby!

Hey everybody!

I trust that everyone had a lovely weekend (IF your weekend is over, depending on your timezone) ;)

This morning we took our 2 little girls (Curly & Blitzy) on a walk. The view was absolutely beautiful! All the flowers are blooming and it's such a pretty picture!

Shame, the bee's always worry Curly and she is terrified of them! She did get stung before and that has terrified her for life! She races home as soon as she hears that buzzing!

Joshy hurt his ear and whatever scratched him, scratched him quite badly. It goes right into his ear, poor little boy. He does take advantage of all the attention we've been giving him though!

Blitzy has been busying herself with hunting! She was chasing lizards for the whole weekend! There are 3, one in my room, one in Caleb's room and then one in the lounge. She raced from room to room to see which one is within her reach. So cute! 

I'll upload all the flower photo's soon but for now, enjoy these few photo's of the kids!

Have a blessed week!

Sele'ha Mikhaila


Curly, hiding underneath our car, she does this when it's windy or when the bee's are worrying her!
 Little Charcoal visited us the other day and we gave him some milk, he's too sweet!
My little princess staring at her reflection, how conceited!


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