Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Very Merry Christmas!!!!

Okay, I know it's the day after Christmas but......Merry Christmas!!

It was SO hot yesterday though! Normally, we don't have a Christmas service here in Claridge because most of the people go to the main mission for the service there but this year, the people requested a service. It was so blessed! There was tea and cake afterwards....yum! It was all so nice :)

A few days ago, my Dad put some shelves up in my room and also in Caleb's room. Blitzy has been on those shelves all the time!!! She just comes down for some food or to go on her walks and then she goes right back up again! She loves to be up in high places!

A week ago, the tiler came to tile our courtyard floor, he is a Russian American named Max Celick. It looks so nice and neat now!

My grandparents are here for the festive season, they love it in Claridge :)

We had such a lovely lunch yesterday, it was a late lunch actually. There was turkey, gammon, mutton roast, macaroni and cheese, vegetables and more!! For dessert, my Mum made trifle...yummyyyy
As usual, we were all SO full!

My Dad bought some sand for Sam the other day and he cleaned the whole tank out and put the sand in instead of gravel. Surprisingly,  Sam adjusted well! The last time, she refused to eat for days after we cleaned the tank. This time, she just carried on as normal, she enjoys the sand too. We just noticed how much she has grown too!!

We are going to a wedding in Virginia in a week and then, Blitzy and Curly will be put in the cattery/kennels. I don't think we should put Joshy there, he takes it the worst. The girls are fine. Since we have Sam, my grandparents and my Mum's aunt will house-sit for us and care for Sam. So, Joshy might be at home with them. We would've left all the kids at home but it might be hard to control so many animals! Anyway, we'll see :)

Please enjoy all the lovely photo's that I took :) They're very clear because I used the iPad.

God bless you and may you have a blessed festive time,
Sele'ha Mikhaila 

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