Saturday, June 6, 2015

America and the Agricultural Show

Hello there!

I'm so sorry for the very long wait!

My parents together with Oom Peet and Tannie Andra went to America! They went for about 2 weeks, we had to survive without them! It's the longest time that our parents were away from us. I had to do the cooking, it was a lot harder than I thought but I needed the experience!

They went to Tulsa, Oklahoma to take services and they preached at a camp on the weekend. They also traveled to Branson, Missouri to watch a spectacular play of Jonah, they bought a DVD of it for us to watch. ;) Initially, they were supposed to go to Minneapolis, Minnesota also but the time was short this time so they were in Tulsa. They stayed with some friends, it was my friend, Jessica Celick's family. Tannie Andra and Oom Peet stayed with Uncle Viktor and Aunty Irene who were in SA recently. Jessica's parents are Uncle Paul and Aunty Nadia. They are a wonderful family! My parents say that they really spoiled them!

My parents left South Africa on May 19th and came back to Claridge at almost midnight on June 2nd. They missed my birthday (May 27th) but they did get to phone me which was a lovely surprize! When they got back, we saw how many gifts were sent for all of us! We were really blessed! I just pray that God works in a mighty way there in America.

The kids were alright here, before my parents could leave, Curly sensed that they were going somewhere. She refused to eat anything for over 2 days but after they left, she realized that some of us were still here and she started eating again. Blitz didn't really bother so much, as long as the sun came into her room or the heater was on, she was satisfied! A cat's life!
My grandmother came to stay with us for the 2nd week which was nice, due to work, my grandfather could only come on the weekend.
My brother and I were blessed with 2 brand new Samsung Galaxy tablets! My parents have an iPad. We can use it for our studies and stuff, we are so thankful!

It is FREEZING cold here in Claridge! We have just entered Winter and it is so cold! As I'm typing this, my fingers are like ice!
On the 4th of June was my parents wedding anniversary! Yesterday, we went to the Royal Agricultural Show, it takes place yearly. I couldn't enter anything in the cross-stitching category because I won 1st prize last year and I am only permitted to enter again next year! Oh well!

Anyway, I hope this is enough of an update for you. Sorry that I didn't upload any photos but I'm  using my tablet and there are no photos on it at the moment!

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila

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