Friday, April 15, 2016

3 Years, 3 Dogs & 3 Rats...?

Hey everyone! 

On Monday we had a has been 3 years since we adopted Curly! She had been living in Claridge for a while, before we came, it's a long story! Anyway, in honour of this "occasion", I baked a cake. Okay, so I guess we were also sort of feeling for cake. ;)
Yesterday, my Mom decided to give Curly a little trim, we just trimmed the fur around her eyes and her paws, I clipped her claws too.

Joshy is such an excellent little hunter, he catches something almost every night and sometimes he brings 2 or 3 rats during one night! Yes, 3! He gets them in the fields and carries it all the way home. I think I've spoken of his hunting several times before but I just wanted to let you know that even though he's getting older, Joshy's still a great hunter! 
Blitzy catches lizards and little insects that come inside the house although she hunts very well when she's outside! She has caught big rats and a bird or two at times.

Oom Peet and Tannie Andra are in Namibia at the moment, Oom Peet was invited to speak at a conference that is being held there. 
Their pets really miss them though! This morning, Roxy, Mitsie and Lassie came to visit us about 4 or 5 times! They were dripping wet, so I reckon they also paid a visit to the dam! When the 3 of them get together, they really can be a boisterous and mischievous little group!  

Alright then, enjoy these photo's!
God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡ 

Curly's cake, "Dhew" is the shortened form of our surname which is Dhewnarian. It's not a fancy cake, it was more of a last minute thing. 

We couldn't give her any cake due to the icing but she could pose for a pic!

Plain vanilla inside :)

Blitzy enjoying the sun in her/my room.

This is Lassie and Kenzo at Bible House, the priveleges they get!

Curly, after her slight trim.

See Blitzy in the background?

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