Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Weekend

Salutations readers far and wide! ;)

Hehehe....quite the introduction, hey?

I trust that you are all doing well, our Easter weekend was wonderful and blessed! It's a time when we remember what the Lord did for each of us on that cross and His resurrection. May He truly be resurrected in our lives!
My grandparents were here for the weekend, it was actually cold!
We'll watch the Easter conference services via Livestream , you can watch it too, just click here. Remember that you have to have an account on Livestream to watch it but it's completely free and quick! Also, the videos are uploaded for a limited time only.

Renate left over the weekend but we had such a lovely time together during the holidays, she hadn't been to Claridge in a while so it was nice to have her here again. There were 2 funerals during this time, one on Thursday and one on Sunday, I think.

We didn't send Blitzy out at all over the weekend because it was so cold! She didn't mind because as soon as she saw her heater being wheeled out and plugged on, she was plastered to it! It's her best friend in Winter, next to the sun of course. Hehehe :D
There are loads of photos for you to scroll through...geniet dit! (That's Afrikaans for "enjoy it".)

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila    

Joshy eating Curly's food with Blitzy right behind.

Renae and I went on a walk with Curly

How beautiful is this?


Blitzy seems so brave in this pic



Blitzy exploring the farm

The window seat

Fussy girl

Reminding me it's dinner time!

Sleepy Joshy

Blitzy playing with Curly's tail!

The girls enjoying the heater

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