Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cat vs Crochet!

Hey there,

The wind is literally howling outside as I type this post! It is a beautifully sunny day and I have lots of photos for you. Most are of Joshy, Blitzy and Curly, as usual. ;) :D

What is new? Hmmm....well I completed all the crochet butterflies I could do for Renate's wedding! I ended up making mostly little white ones but they are adorable. Thankfully, other people helped out too and I'm sure a lot of butterflies were created in the process. They'll look great on the tables at the wedding reception. In fact, she will be flying home this afternoon! I'll really miss her but I'm ecstatic that the Lord has blessed her with a husband.

Speaking of crocheting, little Blitzy does not like it at all....she gets extremely jealous if I spend a lot of time crocheting when I could be spending it playing with her! The last time when I did my crochet project for the show, she ransacked the whole crochet farm scene....toppling trees over, sitting on vehicles and playing with the vegetables. I'm thankful that nothing was destroyed during her wild antics.
This time, I left the reel of crochet cotton on my bedside table as always and proceeded to bed but when I woke up the next morning I got quite the surprise! Blitzy had knocked it over at some point during the night and there was cotton almost everywhere, on the floor, around my little dressing table stool, even underneath the bed! So I rolled and rolled that beautiful thread, untying knots along the way until it resembled the reel I had left the night before. No cotton was wasted! For that I am glad!!
If you thought that was the end of the escapade with my kitty, you're wrong! Fast forward a week or so and all the lovely little butterflies were finished, I had just been sewing in the tail ends when I was needed in the kitchen, by my dear mother. So, obedient as I am (most of the time), I left the crocheted items on my bed (wrong move, I know) and went to the kitchen to help make breakfast. After enjoying a scrumptious breakfast and socializing with my family, I headed to my room.
Upon arrival, I saw little white items everywhere!!! Literally! I didn't know how to react....these butterflies that I was intrusted to make with that lovely thread, the hours that were put in to create each individual critter...
Okay perhaps I'm being a little over dramatic here but that's how I felt at the time! Anyway, with the help of my brother Caleb, we collected each and every butterfly......or so we thought. After recounting the mound of crochet items, I found that it was just one butterfly short, just one...
Well we searched high and low for that lone one but to no avail. It was gone. I wondered whether I had even counted properly the first time so we just assumed that these were in fact all of them and I had just miscounted initially. So, the butterflies reached Renate safe and sound and all was well. Then......days later, my brother's eye caught something white peeping out from Blitzy's little cardboard box house. What was it you may ask? The lost butterfly! She had hidden it in her den, on Blitzy territory. I was sure that we had checked there that day though. Oh well! I couldn't possibly send this last butterfly to Renate as it was too late. So Blitzy got to keep it! It would've been an uneven amount if I had sent this one anyway so I'll console myself in that fact. What have I learnt from these untimely, unfortunate incidents? To be more careful where I leave any crochet related things and....to keep an eye on miniature cats. At the end of the day, who can be mad at that furry, little face? I certainly can't!

Oh wow, I have rambled on this time, haven't I? Sorry! It's the writer inside me! Once I am in the zone, it's hard to get out quickly! ;)

Enjoy the photos!

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila Dhew ♡♡♡

P.S. I have started to write a novel....it's book 1 in a series, I don't want to give any details away but it's set in the late 19th century to early 20th century. Actually, more leaning into the early 20th century, around 1900-1930, in that era.
Well, more on that in later posts! You see? Even my postscript is lengthy!

Blitzy curled into an adorable circle.

Can you see the white crochet cotton that she unraveled across the floor?

And then she hid it on the side of her scratcher! Smart yet naughty!

Curly is certainly not allowed up here! 

After her "mustache" trim.

The gifts for my parents' anniversary

And this little guy! So cute!

Kenzo and Lassie waiting for some meat at a braai on our deck!

Kenzo is so majestic


Joshy and Blitzy waiting for their supper.

I crocheted these butterflies!

We had lunch at Burger King last week.

Epic photo of Joshy.

Awkward much?

King Joshy

Sibling bonding time

Enjoying the sun

Joshy spied that the birdbath was vacant and proceeded towards it.

Blitzy watched from inside...

Joshy successfully quenches his thirst!

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