Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pretty Pictures

Hi again!

As promised, here are the rest of the photos from these recent weeks. :)
It's already been almost 3 months since Katya arrived in SA! Where has the time gone?!
Last Sunday, Katya visited us and our congregation. It was so lovely to have her in Claridge again! We took a walk around the farm and she could see the progress in the last 2 years.

Blitzy has started a new thing, she climbs up the burglar bars on the window when she wants to go outside! Then she meows from there!

Pretty as a picture


Joshy, Blitzy and Curly waiting for their supper.

When Curly was in pain she tried gnawing on this bamboo side table, we had to prevent her from continuing because that would just worsen the pain and cause the gums to become more inflamed. It was a task to stop her!

She derived comfort from squashing into places such as in this pic...

Here is Blitzy on the burglar bars again!

She can barely hold on

Curly even squeezed into the bamboo table and somehow managed to curl herself enough to fit!

How can this be comfy?

My Dad tried to put cushions in Blitzy's box but she didn't like that idea! Hence the photo :

She refused to sit on them!

Photogenic Joshy

Naughty Joshy!

The view from our deck

The Azaleas are in bloom!!

Mulberries! The pic is not clear, sorry.

That's our house in the distance

Blitzy climbed this tree when she was only a kitten!

The cake we got for Aunty Sivi's burthday

Fresh cream!

Joshy and Blitzy sharing a sibling moment, very rare!

Lassie and Sniffles come for a bowl of milk and 2 cookies everyday! How cute are they?

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