Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Is Around The Corner!


I just realised that in my last post I had the font size on 8! Sorry if you couldn't read it but I've changed it now! Hahaha...I'm really sorry!

Anyway...there's no storm today!!! Although I do like a good storm, it's sorta bad if you want use the Internet. Here are some adorable photo's of the kids outside!!!

These photo's were actually taken in Autumn so that's why the leaves are so beautiful!
What do you think of my photography skills, hey?!
Well, I tried!

Doesn't Curly look picture perfect?

I literally can't wait for Christmas!!!!! It's by far my favourite holiday! Soon, the smells of turkey, mac & cheese, trifle, Christmas cake and lots of other amazing food, will be in our house!!!

I don't usually like Christmas Cake but my Mum and I made our own one last year and it tasted delicious!!! We are gonna have lots of sweet stuff!!!

There's gonna be Scottish Shortbread, Yule Log, Christmas Cookies and...woah, there's too many to mention. Ahhhh.....

Sorry to end off so shortly but I gotta go!!!

Lotsa love... Sele'ha Mikhaila xoxo

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