Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Loooooooong Wait

A long awaited "HELLO!!!!!!!!"
I don't know how to explain how sorry I am for making you wait SO long for a post!! A whole lot has happened during this passed month that I didn't update you on.

Okay, first, there was the youth conference at the main mission of KwaSizabantu and they had a 40 year celebration of this conference! It was such a blessed time and I stayed over at the mission for a week, sharing a room with Katya :) My family came almost everyday for the services but they travelled from Claridge since the mission was so full with people staying over. On the weekend there were about 12 000 people attending the services. It really was something special to attend. If you would like to read about it and about the mission please go to    and you're sure to find all you need to know.

Anyway, when I came home, Curly, Blitzy and Joshy were so excited to have me back again! Then, not too long after that, my parents went on vacation for a week! We all were supposed to go but we decided to give it to them as a 20th wedding anniversary gift. They went to the Drakensberg! I hear that they had a wonderful time and even went on mountain hikes! We also had a lovely time at home. I don't know if I mentioned this before or not but my Mum's aunt is here with us now.

The kids are doing well, Joshy has moved completely into the room where my Mum's aunt is staying in. He has creeped into her heart and has refused to leave, I'm happy though because I felt bad that Blitzy and Curly seem to always get attention and with Joshy, you have to give him all of your attention or none at all!

Sammy the turtle is enjoying life, getting rounder and rounder! He has grown a bit and has also gone fat! He is just like Curly. always anticipating the next meal. I don't know if Blitzy scared him or what but now every time we come toward the tank, he/she gets terrified and tries to swim away or hide. Oh! There is a lady who is now living in Claridge she's from the main mission and guess what's her name? Sammy! Yes there are now 2 "Sammy's" on the farm! How funny!
Our studies are going good by God's grace, I finally finished that BIG book and did a report on it. I also finished another assignment yesterday.

My Dad is busy with a project in the house, he is extending our built-in cupboards to the ceiling, usually that's how high they should be but I don't know why these were not like that. Anyway, my Dad has done most of it and he just needs to put the doors on and paint it! God is so good!

Oom Peet and Tannie Andra have gone to America for a month, they've already been gone for a week and we are pet-sitting! I love it though! Kenzo is so affectionate, jumping up on me and rubbing his big head against me! So cute! Oh and the student teachers from Cedar College at the main mission, came for their practice teaching here. It is for 3 weeks and they've been here for 2 weeks already. There are 2 Zulu girls (one girl, Lungi, lived here in Claridge before), one Afrikaaner girl and 5 Korean girls. We've met 2 of them before.

Now.......I think that is a loooong enough post?

God bless,
Sele'ha  Mikhaila

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