Sunday, October 19, 2014

Charcoal, Curly and 2 Cute Kitties :)

Hi everybody,

Here are A LOT of photo's for you to enjoy!

Look at Curly's wild hairstyle! ;)

 Charcoal came for a visit! ----------->
 How cute is this little guy?
 He even sat near to Joshy.
Joshy and Blitzy playing. ----->

The avo's are growing!! Yay!
These are the greenhouses that were built  recently.

 Joshy caught a lizard.
The king of Claridge!
 Don't these look like studio photographs? Hehehe
 These 2 sisters :)
 Look at Joshy, he's matching my room colours!
 Awwwww ------>

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